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Most landscape plants establish faster when planted in native soils without the addition of amendments.
For faster coverage, space plants a bit more closely than normally recommended.
The beads form faster if the weather is humid or if the pie is chilled.
Storebought rotisserie chicken makes this cheesy favorite even faster.
They establish themselves faster than the containerized fruits that nurseries sell later in the year.
Usually about three months, but sometimes faster with short-season varieties.
It'll be excellent at retaining moisture but will probably break down faster.
Good tools make summer chores faster, easier, and safer.
Induction cooktops are faster and more efficient than gas or electric, and only the cooking vessel gets hot.
The faster you can achieve fermentation the faster your sugars are converted into alcohol.
If this acceleration continues, sea levels could rise faster than some models had predicted.
Gravity will pull him toward the bottom of the slide, helping him move faster.
Fiber-optic cables can transmit more data at a faster pace than other technologies.
Early birds may be chipper in the morning, but they mentally wear out faster, a new brain-scan study reveals.
Results showed that the chimps, while no more accurate than the people, could do this faster.
New technology has brought faster, easier access to information to everyone on campus, along with a newfound sense of community.
Though both the number of staff and enrollment increased in that time frame, enrollment increased faster.
Children who could have moved on faster are stuck moving at a slower pace.
But that adjusted price has also risen faster than the inflation rate-and at public colleges, faster than average family incomes.
The cost of higher education to students is rising faster than family incomes, not a sustainable condition indefinitely.
At an ever-faster pace, the world is moving toward globalized, knowledge-based economies.
Typing is much faster, and the shape of the individual letters doesn't matter to the pressing of buttons.
It also urged them to process requests faster, and to provide a fair process for reconsidering denials in a timely manner.
Mexicans are relative newcomers here, but their presence has grown faster here than in almost any other metropolitan area.
That's because between then and now, the cost of higher education has grown far faster than inflation.
Getting annoyed that your luggage is lost, and yelling at the baggage handler will not find your luggage any faster.
Rubrics can make grading faster: tick off boxes on the table or checklist, write out a quick terminal comment, and you're done.
The hiring committees for each of the positions had different timetables, and some searches move faster than others.
It's also important that candidates be able to work at a faster pace than usually found in the academic world.
Meanwhile, higher education's costs have risen faster than even those of health care.
But new services emerge in the consumer marketplace far faster than colleges typically negotiate deals.
The survey results showed that students wanted more lenient attendance polices and a faster turnaround on graded papers.
Nappers also transitioned into deeper forms of sleep faster.
There are some foods that claim to help you lose weight faster and more easily.
Such traits have served sharks well for eons, but today we're eliminating the animals faster than they can reproduce.
The ball is lighter, the players are faster, the tactics are more complex.
We must work faster to change consumer behavior and develop alternative sources of power.
Your the one who made me want to play faster and harder.
Hot water really can freeze faster than cold water, a new study finds.
One of the earliest objections to the faster-than-light interpretation came from an astrophysical observation.
Nothing kills a gadget dead faster than a dunk in the toilet or a splash of beer.
The faster they reach the bottom and then start back up again, the less gas is absorbed.
So the company is having to weather the transition to a time when faster networks become more important.
The flatter the world gets, and the faster communication gets, the more location matters.
In a nutshell, new technologies are displacing workers faster than the economy can find new uses for them.
The supply of obscure films and music seems to be growing faster than people are discovering them.
The good news is that after widening year after year it is now shrinking much faster than expected.
As the water nears the edge, the current moves faster and faster.
Developing countries are widely thought to be losing out from ever-faster technological change.
The greedy thing in him wanted to make money faster than it could be made by tilling the land.
What could be done mechanically by a human being could be done faster and better by a machine.
Their voices seemed to rise to a higher pitch of excitement, and their movements grew faster.
If unlike, his soul only flees the faster from you, and you shall catch never a true glance of his eye.
He showed that mankind tends to increase faster than the food supply.
The one upon which the oyster rests grows faster, becomes deeper, and is known as the left valve.
Now researchers find that blind people perceive touch faster than do those with sight.
In this region, nothing can travel faster than light--relative to observers inside the bubble.
Blog comments point to a new, faster approach in math.
Ten years ago two teams discovered that the universe will expand forever at an ever faster rate, thanks to an unseen energy.
Dark energy is pushing the universe apart at an ever faster rate.
The quickening expansion will eventually pull galaxies apart faster than light, causing them to drop out of view.
Based on this data, the researchers found that the glaciers were traveling faster than anyone had predicted.
Mining phosphorus for fertilizer is consuming the mineral faster than geologic cycles can replenish it.
The data would not transfer faster since it's still limited by the speed of light.
Faster-than-light starships, time travel and weird quirks of physics clearly touch a nerve in many of our readers.
The big problem is that the orbit speed of fat is again faster, promoting expeditious cell division.
People were sitting and having a proper lunch, but at a faster pace.
No doubt, technology has altered the world of food, making ingredients easier to produce and faster to distribute globally.
If you don't have the ball mold available, you can try regular ice cubes, but they melt faster and dilute the drink.
He shook the handle gently, his movements getting gradually faster.
College costs are rising faster than even health costs, and reformers from left and right seek cost-cutting ideas.
The rich always get richer, but their incomes are growing even faster because investment returns preference the top percentiles.
Computers are aiming at speeds a million times faster than human beings.
Meanwhile, everyone discovered the magic of using more leverage to make money faster.
The machines of industry would be refitted with cleaner, faster, quieter engines.
Productivity growth is faster in the things that kids consume than in the things that the elderly need.
The elderly are large consumers of health care, and costs have gone up faster in this sector than in the rest of the economy.
Top players serve so much faster today not because of their rackets but because of their raw physical power.
Once the barrier of high cost is broken, missions will be more frequent and the pace of discovery will be faster.
If faster growth must be sacrificed to achieve that, so be it.
And the processed foods, cheaper and faster than local produce.
Indeed, giving insurance to currently uncovered groups may cause costs to spiral up faster.
In the past five years, dark chocolate has had astonishing sales, and has grown ten times faster than milk chocolate.
The average college professor can't grade papers or give lectures any faster today than he did in the early nineties.
But it is easier and faster than flying or taking a train.
Box is a faster and more violent game than the genteel sport of field lacrosse.
It's a little higher and faster, but with odd, devastating pauses and saturnine shades of mockery.
The few cars still driving began moving faster, as screams echoed through the streets.
Cheaper paper, more efficient printing, and faster transportation encouraged the proliferation of newspapers and magazines.
It is cheaper and in many respects easier and faster to do them there.
Food prices in each of the past four years have risen faster than overall inflation, and far faster than wages.
The bibliography of this is vast and growing faster than ever.
Partly because urban rents have climbed faster than earnings of low-wage workers, low-income families move frequently.
As workers come to realize that productivity is rising faster, they will demand more generous real wage increases.
And furiously, faster and faster he went on with the caning.
At the same time, life expectancy in these countries is rising faster than it has in decades.
And as sequencing and computational capabilities improved, genome projects grew both faster and cheaper.
Even so, the birth rate is climbing far faster than the state can create jobs.
How science makes modern athletes go higher, move faster, and stay safer.
Better nav systems could get us to our destinations faster, and make our roads a smarter system.
But according to the theory of relativity, nothing can go faster than light.
Snowshoes would be faster, and with skis you could glide across the field swiftly and easily.
The catalyst on the surface of the wire made the combustion of the alcohol proceed at a faster rate.
We may use computers that seem to be doing things better, but they're really only doing the old stuff faster.
In relativity theory, communicating faster than light speed is not possible.
If her momentum remains the same but she reduces her inertia by pulling in her leg, she must spin faster--that's physics.
They can suck water in quickly, get more oxygen, and swim faster.
In the last decade astronomers discovered the expanding universe is also accelerating-expanding faster and faster.
But burning helium releases energy in the core faster than it can be radiated away at the surface.
No matter what, transistors cannot be smaller than a single atom and electric signals cannot travel faster than light.
In a tube of liquid, clumps of yeast will settle faster than single cells.
Physicists have come up with a way to process information faster than the speed of light.
Information technology is reducing the need for certain jobs faster than new ones are being created.
The payoff was immediately obvious to users: applications ran faster.
Light signals move significantly faster than electrical ones, so using them could remove that bottleneck.
Or perhaps the electricity conducted between the tubes stimulated the cells around them to grow faster.
Prototype phase-change memory drive is faster than conventional disks.
And yet it's equally true that some languages seem to zip by faster than others.
Putting a toll on the reversible lanes would certainly reduce traffic on them and make them even faster than they are now.
Chicagoans, by their nature, have always looked for faster and better ways to get around.
It costs well north of a million dollars, and they say it can accelerate faster than a commercial jetliner.
Everyone is aware of the storm, but the storm reaches the team faster than they expected.
Billy told him he would make it faster as a writer than as an actor, because his looks weren't exactly movie-star quality.
Mason raced to the checkout line and insisted on bagging the groceries himself to get the job done faster.
He got his chance to flex his muscles at it faster than anyone had imagined.
His clothing and shoes weighed him down, and the current and wind carried the raft away faster than he could swim.
Hey, my portfolio is shrinking faster than a polar ice cap.

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