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Fast food isn't the only factor in rising obesity rates.
The inside of the cafe has a fast food feel, with plastic booths and an open kitchen.
She existed on energy bars, fast food and coffee downed between nonstop auditions and takes.
Compounding the problem are the trends in favor of eating patterns more food, fast food more harmful.
The modern fast food diet only accelerates the process.
Countries with fast food chains that piggy-backed on the corn boom have become more efficient eaters.
If you thought fast food had to be lowbrow, think again.
The servers are fast without being pushy and have good timing when bringing out food.
When it comes to campus dining, the language of food can change as fast as students' majors.
Neighborhood playgrounds, fast food restaurants, and crime: relationships to overweight in low-income preschool children.
We are often left with no choice but to eat fast food on the way to school, before work, or during a quick lunch.
Regenerative medicine's once-wild ideas are fast becoming reality.
It is clean, fast and highly civilised, though far from cheap.
Foreign firms are increasingly lured by these countries' fast-growing domestic markets as much as lower wages.
The process releases large amounts of energy, much of it in the form of the kinetic energy of the fast-moving fission products.
They are fast and can run for long distances without tiring.
Fast swimmers, they can jet forward by expelling water through their mantles.
It relies on camouflage and lightning-fast reflexes to capture prey, mainly fish and shrimp.
Iguanas' stout build gives them a clumsy look, but they are fast and agile on land.
These animals are nimble and fast, which is fortunate, because they are a popular target for many predators.
The old days in which a manager was willing to put on a play for a few nights were going fast, and with them went our early drama.
And she tore off her stockings: but the shoes had grown fast to her feet.
But customers didn't return the cameras fast enough.
Compact cameras with fast, professional-style lenses have been blowing up big time in the past year.
Over the weekend, there was another report on a technology that enables fast battery charging.
Some private-equity investors in higher education have become known for putting fast growth and quick profits ahead of quality.
It will happen so fast that it will be impossible to keep up with its repair.
Those fast-growing clusters also pay some of the better salaries.
Fast foods are quick, reasonably priced, and readily available alternatives to home cooking.
He moves so fast, he sometimes doesn't stop to pose after a good shot.
Scientists have discovered that the pulp inside deciduous teeth is a treasure trove of fast-growing stem cells.
Fast breeders use metal fuel and during the recycling process, there is no weapons grade plutonium.
Bacteria grow by dividing in half, their population doubling in size as fast as every twenty minutes.
Ratios of other xenon isotopes also point to a fast nuclear reaction that involved uranium.
Closer to room temperature, the drink became flat fast, whatever way you pour.
It is too fast for the natural geological buffering mechanisms to keep up, and likely too fast for many marine organisms to adapt.
However, the power of the breeze has become available so fast that the nation is struggling to make use of it.
Your body is not only a figure but it has a purpose to protect you and to make sure your reactions are as fast as they can be.
Well-fed plants grow fast and large, shading out weeds and usually staying disease-free.
If you add the sugar too fast, the granules won't dissolve and the bubbles will be uneven.
Poaching is a fast, easy way to enjoy the flavor of fresh eggs.
The sun was sinking fast and everything began to change.
Instead, the same companies that were slow to hire after the last recession have been fast to fire during this one.
Instead, investors spent the week dumping stocks as fast as they could.
Rain came down heavily a half hour at a time, then pulled back into a silvery sky of fast-moving, fuzzy-bottomed clouds.
In accounting for himself, he told only of private hardships, and of how he had pedalled away from them as fast as he could.
The pair become fast friends, attending a number of folk concerts and rummage sales together.
It all takes place so fast that the viewer barely has time to prepare herself for what she is about to see.
The quality-measured by how often those papers were cited-had not grown as fast, but that gap is shrinking, too.
Gliding off down the fast lane in a sports car, stopping to fill up with thirty litres of petrol.
The drummers had a fast transmission system with ambiguous messages.
He was a fast writer, and liked to write about things in rapid motion.
But so much is changing so fast, this too could change.
He would start to fast in prison and the nation would hold its breath till he agreed to suspend it.
Companies decline rapidly in the fast-changing environment of electronic technology.
From deep space, cosmic rays come fast and pack a heck of a punch.
The amount of skin indicates how muscular the hadrosaur was and, consequently, how fast it could run.
Sprinters, however, derive their power from fast-twitch fibers that produce intense bursts of energy.
Some of them came up with rates that were twice as fast as others.
Compared with fast-growing bacteria, yeast do a poor job of producing enzymes.
His pulse was thready and fast, his belly distended, his bowel ominously silent.
No aircraft has ever flown that fast with an air-breathing engine.
Pretty pathetic that you guys have to argue over how fast pages load in your browsers.
Incorporating personal genomics into medicine is moving fast, but it's still in the early stages.
But you wouldn't be able to walk as fast because you would be falling much more slowly into each new step.
We shot up the place pretty good and blew two bunkers, or tried to, and got out of there fast with three live prisoners.
First, it pulls a bit of a fast one on the reader from the start.
Digital sales are growing, but not as fast as traditional sales are falling.
They grow so fast they outgrow their legs, and their legs can't support them.
Impatience with real-world dating, in fact, is precisely what drives many singles to the fast-paced digital meat market.
Glee's sophomore season started off strong with a snappy, fast-paced episode focused on reestablishing the status quo.
Yet the test for presidents is not where they begin but how fast they learn and where they end up.
It doesn't really matter how fast you can send bits down fiber or a wire.
We look at how cheap, fast genomic sequencing is beginning to yield medicines tailored to your genes.
But by last year, four of the top five were based there, and each is growing fast: all four doubled their production last year.
Fortunately, while tsunamis are fast, they are not as fast-moving as the earthquakes themselves.
There are limit's to how low the voltage can go which reduces how complex and fast the logic can be.
How fast the fuel rods in these tanks heat up depends on how long they've been stored.
While the technology exists to reach the stricter standards, it's not clear that automakers can implement them fast enough.
As soon as the engagement was announced, warnings flew thick and fast amid the stream of congratulations.
Here's some fast facts about the legendary heavy metal rocker.

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