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These sunny giants bring old-fashioned charm and a bounty of edible seeds.
Delightfully old-fashioned, both in setting and menu: pot roast is a favorite here.
These loaves are made the old-fashioned way: by hand.
Roman shades come in a variety of styles and can be fashioned from any fabric to complement any room.
Using an old-fashioned potato masher or a large fork or spoon, mash avocados into a coarse purée.
Try the old-fashioned buttermilk cake doughnuts, which are rolled and cut out by hand.
The fully packed old fashioned cabbage roses also lure me in.
Before, the kitchen had old-fashioned appliances and sparse storage.
Don't miss the treats in the old-fashioned bulk candy bin.
Unique, old-fashioned flowers in a dark, dusty pink.
If you still have room, there will be a mountain of food served up at an old-fashioned country barbecue.
The old fashioned banker used to go to his office so punctually that you might set a town clock by him.
My new grading method, which set off such waves of vitriol, combined old-fashioned contract grading with peer review.
Students prefer handling pages the old-fashioned way.
Talk of a vocation can sound almost wilfully old-fashioned nowadays.
At a special-collections library, students are won over by old-fashioned ink on paper.
What she's actually trashing is the slow, old-fashioned system of submitting papers to peer-reviewed journals.
Most academic publishers screen for plagiarism the old-fashioned way: manually.
The vices of an enriched bourgeoisie are pitted against the old-fashioned virtues of modesty and contentment.
But the old-fashioned journalists were unfriendly to the idea.
Early in the seventies, public taste changed and became old-fashioned.
Research suggests the so-called brutes fashioned tools, buried their dead, maybe cared for the sick and even conversed.
Each one, fashioned from white cotton, was almost two feet across.
But a century ago, filmmakers had to bring dinosaurs to life the old fashioned way.
Researchers have fashioned a microwave drill using parts found in common kitchen appliances.
Now a group of researchers has innovated a concept that instead relies on an old-fashioned kind of engine--a living heart.
Cosmic strings became old-fashioned almost overnight.
For one, it is expensive compared with the old-fashioned exam.
There are no trinkets fashioned from the left overs of a successful hunt.
AA is nothing more than good old-fashioned faith healing.
More important, recharging an old-fashioned alkaline battery is not safe.
The lesson is that a lot of the old fashioned patterns are good.
Some companies are even dumping high fructose corn syrup in favor of old-fashioned sugar.
Old-fashioned spying can reveal technological weaknesses too.
Companies are scrabbling to take advantage of a boom in an old-fashioned business-building transport infrastructure.
Oddly, honing their old-fashioned physical products may help media firms adapt to technological change.
Anti-capitalism is the umbrella for a host of disparate causes, ranging from modern eco-war to old-fashioned anarchy.
The economic slowdown is bringing home the value of timeless old-fashioned virtues.
The shells are peculiar because they seem to have been fashioned into beads.
Now they'll still have to compete with low-cost old-fashioned bulbs, and will have a harder time recouping their investment.
Inches below the surface the team struck an elaborately fashioned stone.
Every meter had to be won the old-fashioned way, by blasting or excavating with conventional machines and shoring up.
The stingray's spine, or barb, can be ominously fashioned with serrated edges and a sharp point.
But the canine expert also has critics who call his methods old-fashioned, cruel, and ignorant.
Sea pens are so called for their resemblance to old-fashioned quill pens.
In the back of the house, pink lemonade and sweet tea are served with old-fashioned southern hospitality.
In town, the old-fashioned sledding hill is sure to get the whole family giggling.
Fashioned in a performance fit, this waterproof, breathable jacket is fully seam sealed.
But many farmers markets, roadside stands, and nurseries still rely on the old-fashioned method of shooting it down.
On a hot summer day, few things beat a bowl of old-fashioned, homemade strawberry ice cream.
It combined contemporary smartness and convenience with old-fashioned dignity.
Call me old-fashioned, but nothing compares to flipping through the pages of a real newspaper or magazine.
Here the old-fashioned term poetaster may apply, if only obliquely.
But that doesn't disqualify them from old-fashioned definitions of poverty.
Good old-fashioned manual labor, literally, brings a unique richness to storytelling where words alone sometimes fall flat.
And the fact that it's all being undergone by people in funny, old-fashioned outfits makes it feel comfortably distant.
The urge for old-fashioned, satisfying meat has inspired some meat-lovers to take matters into their own hands.
Looked at another way, though, it resembles nothing so much as good-old-fashioned entertainment.
Indeed, he says, they fashioned dense zigzagging networks of earthen fish weirs between the causeways.
He's doing it the old-fashioned way, asking people to work for change.
The best objection to the tax might be a good old-fashioned problem of line drawing.
The old-fashioned microscopic evaluation of the fluid sample failed to turn up either tubercle bacilli or cancer cells.
He then fashioned tiny eye patches and put them on a new set of subjects.
Ligaments hold the joints together and joints are fashioned according to function.
The old-fashioned method of taking a family history was a better guide.
We shall never know who fashioned the word for the interval of darkness which divides the two half-lights.
It can be used to build a camera or be fashioned into a microscopic factory that churns out drugs and maybe even biofuels.
Not everyone has the fortune of receiving such an old-fashioned upbringing.
His ballets came to seem old-fashioned in many quarters.
He made it a habit to tweak old-fashioned, upstanding churchgoers.
So a double-flowered trillium is native but exotic, old-fashioned but new.
He'll be with them at their upcoming appearance, which is an old-fashioned holiday variety show.
The old- fashioned sherry in the old-fashioned boule.
But now, thanks to old-fashioned epidemiological investigation, sprouts have been definitively named the culprit.
It's the perfect amenity for any billionaire easily bored by old-fashioned static images.
Without a good picture, the customer would have to go the old-fashioned route and bring or mail the check to the bank.
Tales of adventure, told with old-fashioned charm, animate this thoroughly detailed life story.
The whole point of having squash courts in dorms is pretty old-fashioned.
What don't appear to be up for grabs are the old-fashioned virtues of craft and quality.
Despite the modern setting, the occasion was an old-fashioned one: a political fundraiser.
Instead of chucking your disposable razor after four or five shaves, why not get an old-fashioned straight razor and a strop.
In a society where satellite dishes are everywhere, this looks crude and old-fashioned.
He escorted me to a small cluttered office down the hall with an old-fashioned phone in the middle of the desk.
Her seemingly old-fashioned approach can likely be attributed to her heritage.
Loading an old-fashioned musket took too much time and was difficult for a brave on a running horse.
Enjoy an old-fashioned ice cream cone for only a buck.
Old fashioned police work lands prolific burglar in jail.
We shall never know who fashioned the word for the interval of darkness which divides the two half-lights.
In his books you were addressed not merely by a distinctive voice, but by the fabulous character he had fashioned for himself.
Or to use an old-fashioned term that has come back into common use, it triggered a financial panic.
The psychologists by then could scarcely wait to be free of their old-fashioned colleagues.
But all of them conform to a formula derived from old-fashioned tabloid journalism: names make news.
Along with the good old-fashioned intellectual virtues he claims to espouse, many of us were taught another one.
All he needed was old-fashioned growth hormones infused into the dog's brain by an old-fashioned dog breeder.
Westerners may regard this as old-fashioned or even reactionary.
New techniques may render old-fashioned radiation treatments obsolete.

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