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However, it has become quite fashionable lately among some citizens of our country.
We began with the sheep, recently shorn and sporting fashionable blankets so they'd remain clean for the judging.
Yet, curiously and disgustingly fashionable in some circles.
Check out the medicines, fashionable jewelry and salesman samples.
If you are searching for something a bit more fashionable, try creating your own piece of beadwork.
Before the word had become fashionable, they resisted.
Today, it is a highly fashionable area with its hip, up market center offering a character and style of its own.
Fashionable people carried around their own personal nutmeg graters.
Or all the radium poisonings back when radiation was fashionable.
Fabric boxes can be as fashionable as they are useful.
Today, tastes have swung back, and it is fashionable to denigrate those alternatives as so much hippy nonsense.
And commodity exports have not always been fashionable.
Yet middle managers could hardly be less fashionable.
Corporate boards will be preoccupied with risk management or, as it will be fashionable to say, early warning.
As the useful life of the car has been extended, manufacturers have focused on shortening its fashionable life.
Such facial sculpting is either beyond the pale or, as now, suddenly fashionable.
But these days football is more fashionable, teams are richer and crowds seem to have become more civilised.
Today, it has become even fashionable-thanks to the vogue among twenty-something males for shaven heads.
Rubber-soled shoes are a must, and will be more versatile if fashionable.
Stately old mansions and sleek new condominiums skirt the palm-lined boulevards of this fashionable beach city.
Demand for the fashionable fur rose quickly, at a time when harp seal populations were already in decline.
Foot binding was fashionable at the time it took place, but extremely wrong.
Everything from military camouflage to pink ruffles are being designed to make your new born more fashionable.
Pack to suit the variable weather, but make sure that what you bring is still flattering and fashionable.
Beach fashion for plus-sized frames is attractive and fashionable.
They say everything that was once fashionable eventually comes around again.
It is chiefly visible among folk of fashionable pretensions, and is not widespread.
He is brilliantly dressed in a new fashionable frock-coat, with white waistcoat and grey trousers.
But her work took her seldom into the region of taxicabs and fashionable shops.
They played through vacation to the fashionable of eight cities.
The exclusive in fashionable life does not see that he excludes himself from enjoyment, in the attempt to appropriate it.
He opposed the fashionable vices and growing heresies of those times with equal vigour and success.
But their complaints were themselves so slick that they immediately became fashionable.
It has become fashionable to say that modern architecture is dead.
It is once again fashionable in political theory, but its proponents have paid insufficient attention to their central concepts.
Hazel's dress was fashionable and a bit too tight, as if to show off her figure.
He did not buy companies out of ego, or because they were in fashionable industries, or because they were well-known names.
Paradoxically, political risk has become so fashionable that its effects are now frequently overstated.
Master narratives are no longer fashionable, because they no longer seem credible, even to old believers.
The traditional loaf was even temporarily retired in favor of the fashionable ring shape.
Such wines are often absurdly expensive, because they are rare and fashionable.
She is in large measure responsible for a new, and fashionable, strand of academic study that combines these instincts.
Pickled cabbage is not romantic or fashionable and it doesn't lend itself to marketing.
Nowadays the neighborhood is overrun with fashionable, rich straight people.
She had given birth before epidurals were fashionable.
The push towards energy-efficient buildings, vehicles and lifestyles is both fashionable and necessary, but it's also ironic.
But these days, the living to eat philosophy is fashionable.
But more importantly, and on topic, he's seen sporting a fashionable piece of mouth ware at the time: a smoking pipe.
It's fashionable to slag the government, but sometimes it does work.
It was real fashionable a while back, and now a lot of cities are experiencing big problems, she says.
He was speaking out against environmental pollution before it was fashionable.
To conform with what is fashionable, many of us still wear shoes that aren't comfortable or aren't safe.
The long beautiful feathers of whooping cranes were fashionable adornments to hats and other clothing.
The fashionable four-story structure they created better suited their extended family and growing public stature.
In its heyday, the circle was a fashionable address, the home of prominent businessmen and statesmen.
It is fashionable to pooh-pooh the trade deficit as being a largely meaningless statistic.

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