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Such philosophizing about science is inherently fascinating but in this case may be less interesting than the philosopher.
Interesting idea that would be fascinating to see in action.
She also talked at some length about her writing process, which was fascinating as well as horrifying.
His closeups and animal portraits are both abstractly beautiful and scientifically fascinating.
It's a great resource for beginners to this fascinating new field of science-Prof.
Yosemite has human history fully as fascinating as its natural history.
Their unique behavior and amazing abilities are the impetus for fascinating research.
You're dealing with people all the time, and people can be endlessly fascinating.
Most fascinating is a feature that would make any journalist tremble.
Otherwise, moons are diverse and fascinating worlds unto their own.
It is always so fascinating when art and science combine.
It would be fascinating to see this implemented in a school setting.
The tour was fascinating and the people couldn't have been nicer or more articulate.
It's a fascinating business, but it's also a harbinger.
It's fascinating the lengths people will go to integrate their smart phones into daily life.
Dig deeper, and discover the fascinating crystal structures of these minerals.
And yet, they are absolutely fascinating animals if you give them a chance.
Along the way, it's fascinating to see the measures taken to protect the bluffs.
However, the question of the connection between the tectonic setting and eruptive activity is fascinating.
Inside activities were equally fascinating and far more consequential.
Instead, you start seeing this human behaviour as something to be enjoyed in its fascinating variability.
The peoples and cultures of the world come to life in vivid color and fascinating stories in these captivating videos.
The tiny lights of fireflies dotting the night sky are a fascinating sight.
Let m know if you uncover any more on this fascinating story of struggle and survival.
The power of exterior spaces and their ability to be evocative and transport is fascinating to him.
It is a sentiment he finds fascinating but only rarely appropriate or useful.
The acts are fascinating of course to those interested.
And they comprise a fascinating chapter in the story of the modern horse.
Her hive is a little different, but still fascinating.
But he says no amount of academic abstraction will blind him to the qualities that make folklore so fascinating.
Explore the world of the ant-a fascinating and highly social insect.
Beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby, a profitable sideline, or a full-time occupation.
Last week the paper carried a couple of long and fascinating obits, a study in contrasts.
Fascinating and hopeful research in shedding light on poor social functioning.
It was fascinating how much people are open and want to know.
Beekeeping enthusiasts rave about how fascinating this hobby can be.
It makes for fascinating watching picking apart the relationships, but it makes it difficult to emotionally invest in anyone.
Here's a fascinating little illustration of how the tricky dance between complicated science and the public can go wrong.
It was fascinating and also a lot of fun, and a video about the production will be ready within the next few days.
But it may be reversed if real estate values drop a lot fascinating debate.
See how the rare discovery of octopus fossils is changing what's known about these fascinating creatures.
But the results are morbidly fascinating and give clues as to why some people are more willing to contemplate torture than others.
The official reason is that it's a fascinating biologically derived material that isn't biodegradable.
The lists become fascinating glimpses into the minds and habits of their creators.
It'll be fascinating to get fresh ideas for designing a syllabus.
The result is a fascinating study of how society is shaped by hidden pay-offs and punishments.
Find out how these fascinating critters help one another.
Dissertation research is loaded with fascinating tangents.
All this long forgotten history be re discovered is fascinating.
The fact that you have had ongoing terror in this beautiful, civilized part of the world was fascinating to me.
Strap on your scuba gear and take the plunge into the fascinating waters of oceanography.
Still, it's fascinating to see what the world thinks.
It was totally fascinating to see the world from this perspective.
Art and neuroscience combine to create fascinating examples of illusory motion.
The adaptation of sphere is fascinating and universal.
These experiments involving the senses are indeed fascinating.
One may also be reminded what a peculiar, overwhelmingly fascinating charm wit offers in our society.
But from another point of view, these same difficulties may prove fascinating, and suggest that the work is worth the trouble.
The lack of it is apparent in every paragraph describing that fascinating settlement.
She could make fascinating and almost brilliant conversation out of the thinnest air that ever floated through a drawing-room.
Here is a spectacle as fascinating, as awe-inspiring, as extraordinary as any in the world.
He subdued the rebel by the process of fascinating him.
Surely, this phase in the vast epic of life development on this planet offers a fascinating study.
Hank writes fascinating accounts of making food from scratch, which in his case involves hunting and fishing as well as gardening.
Every corner of this fascinating metropolis is here.
Our online store can equip you to explore more of this fascinating, fragile planet.
The performance backstage at times was much more fascinating.
From the longest insect to the smallest snake, a fascinating diversity of organisms has remained unknown until the past year.
Thank the scanning electron microscope for the fascinating impression.
They display a fascinating rhythm of advance and retreat.
Although they are fascinating from a purely scientific point of view, their utilitarian value is not so clear.
We read about a fascinating, and to many of us mystifying, world.
These facts make cancer a grim yet fascinating puzzle for evolutionary biologists.
Not only are pigeons fascinating in their own right, they provide a general model of evolution by natural selection.
For example, fireworks and cookouts involve fascinating chemistry and physics.
It was a fascinating and absolutely exhilarating experience.
Luckily, the topic is so fascinating, you will keep turning the pages no matter how many times you've rolled your eyes.
The stories of wildly successful college dropouts are fascinating and play to some of our deepest fantasies.
My colleagues generally find their work fascinating and personally rewarding, and do it for that reason.
What makes the dioramas rare and fascinating is that they are undisturbed relics from another era of natural history.
Not only does he tell a fascinating story, he tells it in crisp, coruscating prose.
There will also be all the opportunities you need to build a long and fascinating career.
His book contains a lot of fascinating detail about the different physical, chemical and evolutionary processes at work.
It offers visitors fascinating architecture, art, natural attractions and shopping.
Not only are the polar regions important, many of us find them fascinating places to visit.
Some books contained fascinating graphs on potash and calcium.
It is fascinating that the blog may have replaced the notebook as a way of recording the food, flowers and friends.
The new exhibit will illuminate some of the fascinating dynamics of their co-evolution.
The book offers intimate portraits-fascinating, poignant and often amusing-of the presidents she has witnessed.
All this information about absolute zero is fascinating.
And for me, this is what makes his story so fascinating.
The museum was tiny even then but fascinating as was the curator, a former art major.
The truth is quite different and no less fascinating.
The streets are vibrant and dreary, crowded and isolating, and make endlessly fascinating theater.
Coincidences are fun and fascinating, but they make scientists nervous.
Those thumbs turn out to have a fascinating story to tell about the tinkering habits of evolution.
Quite a fascinating post and supporting comments that you have here.
The hunt for the genes responsible has made for some fascinating molecular sleuthing over the past decade.
The last two weeks have been a remarkably busy, fascinating and exhausting experience.
They continued to observe the birds evolve, and make fascinating new discoveries.
Cool video and a fascinating bit of natural history.
Of course, a closer examination of the study is less startling but still fascinating.
Too bad: it's a fascinating object, worthy of study.
Other experts say that the findings are fascinating, but stress that the results need to be independently confirmed.
The means that ants use to find their way in the world are fascinating.
As a novel it's ludicrous, but as an act of wish-fulfillment it's fascinating-and saddening.
But despite giving the reader many fascinating leads, the book is short on general ideas.
His character heads are decoupled from communication, autistically imprisoned, and that is what makes them so fascinating.
She was the fascinating outsider at the masked ball in a company of congenial, if often over-bred, bores.
She might have ended up the deviser of merely fascinating stories, gizmos and thingamajigs that brought off-kilter delight.
Throughout the book, though, those fascinating little fleeting portraits of extras keep boiling up.
The fascinating thing is that he looks the same even with this cultural and generational tumult underway all around him.
You'll find demos of new innovations, see what the students are up to, or watch a fascinating lecture.
The quantum zeno effect is one of the stranger and more fascinating consequences of quantum mechanics.
That's a fascinating result because it reveals how complexity in nature forms with the simplest of inputs.
Today, they outline their idea and it makes a fascinating read.
It is a fascinating service, that is for sure, but still in its infancy.
On a side note, it's fascinating that the toilet-sharing video is accompanied by salsa music.
That's a fascinating study and counterintuitive in some ways too.
Kudos to the author for highlighting a fascinating topic that is open access and accessible by the general taxpaying public.
That's a fascinating scenario that immediately raises many questions.
It's a fascinating field in chemical engineering which is sure to explode in the next few years.
When you apply sequencing technology to the microbes inhabiting the human body, it turns out to be fascinating.
Second, amphibians are fascinating organisms that interact in complex ways with each other and their environments.
The artist's excitement was infectious and his comments fascinating.
It's always delicious and always a colorful and fascinating group of friends.
But don't let the predictability of that narrative dissuade you-these are some colorful characters with fascinating tales to tell.
The albino crocodiles are fascinating and disturbing to behold.
She also shared a pretty fascinating series of similar linguistic studies and dialect maps.
But what's fascinating is what's next for professional golf.
When ions collide at such high speeds fascinating things happen.

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