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Generally, the farther an area is from the equator, the longer and colder are its winters.
Farther north, summer days and winter nights are even longer.
For heading, you cut farther back on the shoot than you would for pinching.
Pedicabs and plentiful bike parking mean going farther afield is easy too.
Water pressure in the line drops the farther it is from the hose bib.
Even farther in the future, autonomous robots will control other autonomous robots.
The pitch would change, rising as he moved his hand closer and dropping as he moved it farther away.
Near the baseline, the aim point is higher on the backboard and thus farther from the rim.
And some researchers contend that more outdoor time means seeing in better light, focusing farther.
If you do want to eventually switch to a real guitar, you're going to have to get used to everything being farther apart.
The effect is less farther away from the poles, but it's still there.
Each solution still gives rise to a new question as difficult as the foregoing, and leads us on to farther enquiries.
These works met with gratifying success, and the author was now able to indulge in farther travel.
She walked the whole night long, and next day also without stopping, until she could go no farther for weariness.
Generally, the farther from the southern beaches, the cheaper the cost of a bungalow.
The clockwise circulation around the high-pressure area helps push the colder marine air farther inland.
Atmospheric scientists have developed various ways to give generalized outlooks of what to expect farther ahead.
They say that frontal occlusions occur when storms redevelop farther back into the cold air.
To go farther into space, humans will first have to figure out how to get there cheaply and more efficiently.
Now as the balloon expands, the ants see each other getting farther and farther apart.
The warm water drives the fish to deeper waters or farther away from usual fishing locations.
From there, the virus cannot spread any farther because its new neuronal hosts do not make the vital protein.
In general, the farther north one lives on the globe the more common seasonal depression becomes.
The farther north you happen to be, the more of the solar disk will be obscured by the moon as it transits.
Most satellites are much farther inclined to the station's orbit than one degree.
The populations are more likely to have come from farther afield.
The more they slipped, the farther from their burrow they stopped.
They read the opening section, jumped to the concluding chapter and then jumped even farther to their own conclusions.
The insanity continues by trying to extend the sensible, logical system farther than it can logically go.
And since it builds upon the foundations supposedly laid in previous courses, the farther and faster they go, the worse it gets.
And the longer you have been in school, the farther down that stuff is buried.
The radio source could be a lot nearer or a lot farther-possibly even beyond the galaxy.
The change may have forced the seabirds to swim farther to forage.
From farther afield on wilderness trails, it inspires nothing short of awe.
Snow monkeys live farther north than any other monkey.
The animals' genetic diversity increased the farther east the scientists looked.
On the other hand, the seal-eating whales chase prey with a wider range, as seals wash off of ice floes and travel farther.
The season follows the jet stream-as it swings farther north, so does tornado activity.
Done wrong, you get no farther than the trailhead, where you're stuck cleaning soot out of your camp stove.
Solid matter can hold more information and journey farther than radio waves, which disperse as they travel.
If they don't notice it themselves, point out that some students' drawings show waves that are farther apart than others.
The thinner redstarts leaving later must head farther north to find enough food.
Now they're forced to stay on land or follow the ice farther north, where there's less to eat.
These ancient environments were quite different from those found farther south.
So frightened his knees were shaking, he ran farther along the lake.
Ultimately, everything in the universe will drift farther and farther apart until the universe is uniformly cold and desolate.
Having your own boat at high tide allows you to go much farther.
Together they set off farther downhill, with the trailing throng swelling into the thousands, with thousands more lining the road.
Large signs on the riverbank announce that outsiders are prohibited from venturing farther.
Looking up at the tremendous smokestack hanging out over them as the ship listed even farther only added to the terror.
Nothing could be more dull, and nothing could be farther from the truth.
There's something instinctive that pulls me to the north, the farther north the better.
Four fall exhausted from the short climb and advance no farther.
So the farther prices have fallen since the bubble popped, the more demand from consumers looking for deals.
Water for the city must be pumped from farther and farther away.
Several readers objected to this line of reasoning, saying that home prices will decline farther as interest rates rise.
Farther inland, every sandstone and limestone escarpment is the color of bone.
But to be fair, his capacity for affection stretches farther than that, even unto another gender.
The smoke was getting thicker, and traveling farther.
Halfway up, the ledges ceased to be anything more than sloping footholds on the rock face, and he could go no farther.
Even if it didn't boost confidence dramatically at the time, it likely prevented it from falling farther.
He declined following the road any farther, but insisted on taking a straight course over the country, guided by the stars.
Romantic comedies about the holiday season embrace this totally valid message, but take it farther.
These smaller vessels run deeper and farther up into the head, where surgery is riskier.
They often live farther from work, thus spending more time commuting.
Farther upstream there are dry docks, jutting out ominously into desert, where boats were once moored.
Generally, the farther away a country from the main producers and the more isolated it is, the higher the price charged.
He found that, the farther out he looked, the smaller alpha seemed to be.
Some of the tricks being used by carmakers to make electric vehicles go farther on a single charge are being copied by aviators.
Conflicting reports of how much radiation was spreading farther afield were enough to cause panic.
But canny buyers know how to make their money go farther.
The oil industry is relatively confident that their response to events farther south will not be too restrictive.
But farther south, where the devastation and disorder was much more severe, anger set in.
The biggest investment in the country is from farther afield.
However, smaller planets and those farther from the star take longer to notice.
Farther up the hill, one could see yellow lace threading the fringes of the woods, marking a wilderness thick with mines.
As he got older, he wandered farther afield, on foot or by bike.
And then there's this one: the easier you swing, the farther the ball goes.
Venturing a little farther into the wood, you lose sight of all human habitation.
Tobacco was also growing, and a big military-chestnut tree stood farther away.
In those nine-and-twenty years he was not removed one day farther from her.
In fact, nothing could have been farther from the truth.
With each book, we've strayed slightly farther into territory increasingly exotic-one might even say alien.
But the opposite can also be true: the farther away you are, the better you can see.
Benjamin, who remained closer to home, ended up straying much farther from his early academic path.
The system works on the principle that sound can travel farther if it is wind-born.
But the new seals go a step farther, detecting break-ins.
Plug-in hybrids with modest electric range will remain far more affordable than those that go farther on a charge.
Everything closer or farther away is artfully blurred.
The fiber was transmitting light all the way down the hall-much farther than necessary for an endoscope.
The device could be developed in five years, he says, whereas fuel cells that use gasoline are farther off.
Data encoded in light pulses can travel farther faster and with lower losses.
The farther the vowel is from an anchor, however, the blurrier the ruler becomes and the less accurately the sound is perceived.
Later missions made a concerted effort to plant the flag farther from the lunar module, and to hammer it into the lunar surface.
Items that aren't selling are gradually moved farther away.
Even farther on the horizon, microchips will be directly powered by built-in fuel cells.
When the silicon atoms are farther apart, electrons move about more freely, hence faster.
Spam, the researchers found, tends to travel farther than ham.
And the list of technical obstacles grows longer the farther out one looks.
Their action to put the planet at risk involves us all, and probably a civil suit will get farther faster than a criminal one.
As the demand for oil surges, companies push farther under the ocean, finding a bonanza of crude far beneath the ocean.
Green plants form one branch, and the fungi and animals are farther along on another branch.
The farther apart the molecules were on the yardstick, the easier it was for people to tell them apart by their odor.
And this picture was taken from much farther than anyone has ever traveled.
The smooth muscle in our intestinal walls has but one mission in life: to propel dinner farther down the digestive pipe.
There will be a plastic replacement waiting farther down the line.
The only things farther out are dwarf satellite galaxies slowly revolving around us.
She crossed the stream, worked farther down the bank, and crossed again.
As the universe expands, galaxies get farther apart.
And then all the planets are moving farther and farther away.
They take cover farther up along the same bank, several hundred yards away.
All additional evidence found that day-more blood, impact marks, a glove-was located farther down the couloir.
As a result of the dilatory wedding sequence, the picture had fallen even farther behind schedule.
Apparently, the foundation is not much farther along than the memoirs.
In this phase you should move a fraction farther, to the point where you feel a little more tension.
Because the wavelength of the signal is longer, thus, it can reach farther distances.
Both made inverted, real images when the object was farther than the focal point.
Note also that the deep ocean tsunami has traveled much farther than the local tsunami because of the higher propagation speed.
Look farther down, at the stories that haven't collapsed yet.
If you want to spice up the adventure farther, local tour operators offer alternative routes.
EDs are so packed that an ambulance is turned away and sent to one farther away every minute.
Some take their bikes on the ferry, which is the best of both worlds, and allows you to wander farther than you would on foot.
For the ultimate steak, you usually have to go farther than the local hypermarket.
We demand that the ball go farther, that players jump higher.

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