farsighted in a sentence

Example sentences for farsighted

Farsighted conglomerates can use this respite to adjust to globalisation.
True vision requires the forging of a farsighted and realistic connection between our present and our future.
His palette is grand, and the work is hopeful and farsighted.
It consists of sitting in the study hall and is much favored by the more farsighted children.
What has been done, however noble and farsighted, can be undone.
The other variant is more farsighted, and something of a bank shot.
Economists no longer believe humans are that farsighted.
Some farsighted policies have expanded the cage beyond what anyone would have imagined a decade ago.
For the farsighted, the laser will steepen the cornea.
We are pleased with the agreement and appreciate the farsighted accomplishment this represents.

Famous quotes containing the word farsighted

Both Leonardo and Newton had fecund imaginations from which poured forth a stream of discoveries, gadgets, engineering m... more
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