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The agriculture sector continued to be affected by the lack of suitable land for farming and the destruction of crops.
She says there should be more research on the ethical implications of habitat destruction and farming on animals.
Come explore the connection between farming and agriculture with our community culture and life.
Cover crops are the yellow traffic light of farming, keeping the land active while it's not in full agricultural production.
Plus, growers attentive and conscientious enough to dry-farm often follow other sustainable farming practices.
Collectively you came up with plans beyond what we'd thought possible for urban farming.
Take a tractor-tram tour up through the vineyards for a close-up look at biodynamic farming.
After all, we're not in the farming business, exactly.
Sustainable farming can produce high yields while protecting the natural resources upon which it depends.
The lake level later rose again, and farming settlements were established along the shores.
Subsistence farming often exists side by side with commercial agriculture.
Insect farming is arguably much more efficient than cattle production.
He agrees that there are many factors that affect the profitability of sheep farming.
The economy was formerly based on agriculture, mainly sheep farming, but today fishing contributes the bulk of economic activity.
Subsistence farming and fishing are the primary economic activities.
Other sources of income are pearl farming and deep-sea commercial fishing.
Agriculture, especially livestock farming, is a second target for growth.
Economic activity consists primarily of subsistence farming and fishing.
Agriculture consists largely of subsistence farming and animal husbandry.
Our attention has been concentrated almost exclusively on getting better farming.
Fish farming, crab fishing, and agriculture are being developed to diversify the local economy.
Private sector activity is typically small-scale workshops, farming, and services.
They lived as practically all of the farming people of the time lived.
It had sufficient land to carry on farming and to sustain the necessary horses and domestic cattle.
Most people expect expansion of private ownership in market farming, to respond to real economic need.
It's getting back to a type of farming that has been largely forgotten in this country.
Two, by converting land from farming to ranch, it contributed to the potato famine.
But non-farming strains don't become farmers and farmers don't give up farming.
Urban farming was a hot topic in books this past year as interest in locally grown, organic food increases.
And once your hear more about their thoughtful farming practices, you'll really want to come back.
They have improved the land, raised a family and seen both of their children take up farming nearby.
Salmon farming has received its share of criticism for being detrimental to the environment.
Both agree that some farming and some fishing took place here.
The exhibit follows two tracks, exploring the history of farming and small towns.
Consider the farm-fresh egg, the pristine symbol of the simple days of pre-industrial farming.
In fact, besides monster slashing, it also features fishing and farming.
On the following pages are photographs of fungus-farming beetles at work.
It means large-scale fish farming to take the pressure off wild stocks.
But not everyone agrees that organic farming is better for the environment.
Fish farming in developing countries is an important source of income for impoverished farmers.
Nor need the boon of precision farming be restricted to rich countries.
The sort of loss that climate change inflicts in a decade is often the sort of gain that better farming brings in a year.
Farming in emerging markets is riddled with market failures and does not react to price signals as other businesses do.
Farming is under pressure to produce more, but has less freedom than ever to do so.
Many still believe that the commodities boom has fundamentally changed the economics of farming.
Now researchers studying chickens have not only confirmed this but also found other changes brought on by farming.
Fish farming could be a sustainable source of food in future.
Fish farming already accounts for half of global seafood production.
Many gold farming businesses have found this much faster than paying employees to farm the gold for themselves.
Tuna swim faster than almost any other fish in the ocean-but not fast enough to escape the fishing fleets and farming of humanity.
Other than farming, there is no industry in the immediate area.
It would use much less water than was used for farming.
Transport is not the problem, and if it was vertical farming would not be the answer.
Portions of sales from each product are funneled back into these small farming communities.
By drinking shade-grown coffee, you can help bird habitats and reduce the need for farming chemicals.
These consumers will always be the exception that proves the rule of factory farming's dominance.
The swine flu pandemic highlights a decades-old problem: industrial animal farming poses serious public health risks.
Severe drought, poor farming techniques and devastating storms rendered millions of acres of farmland useless.
Many tribesmen had lost their stock and scratched at millet farming on marginal plots.
The solutions you speak of seem to have an awful lot to do with organic and alternative farming.
The apprenticeship model is really the best way to learn any trade or craft, and farming is no exception.
Uses for the land include development, open space and urban farming, according to the statement.
All of them have the power to do something about the cruelty of factory farming, but none of them have taken any action.
Failing at that, he tried farming with no more success.
Most subsist on farming tiny plots of land and by foraging.
Many of the townspeople continued the tradition of farming with the aid of migrant workers, who lived in ramshackle huts.
He also goes in for a small amount of farming which he enjoys.
There were exhibits of new mechanical devices used in farming, including a mechanized veterinarian's operating table.
Digging for sapphires is three to five times as profitable as farming.
But he predicts that it will take some years before it's ready for commercial farming.
Yes, you can still use the land under a windmill for farming, but that is about it.
The decision to produce so much food from the land drives the need for the unsustainable intensification of farming.
One of the ways the country's ministry of agriculture tries to help them is by broadcasting videos about farming techniques.
Winemakers jaded by organic farming have turned to biodynamics.
Within the delta, tracts of land have been reclaimed over the past century, mostly for farming.
His vision is rooted in the automation that came to farming and factories.
The influx of technology makes farming not only more efficient but also more environmentally benign.
And it shows that they were as skilled in farming as they were in architecture.
Many of the studies involved isolated patches of land, rather than entire farming systems, where the situation is more subtle.
Two thousand years ago, our ancestors were burning vegetation clear land for farming and to scare game into the open.
The current response to these conditions is to support organic, local and humane farming practices.
Still, the company wants to make sure this is the case due to the large environmental impact of cattle farming in that region.
But once you are bigger, that's a different sort of farming.
Organic farming and making a profit can go together.
And if a few contract-farming jobs come their way, all the better.
But for all that, for once all farming of the sea has to wait, and all hands-and arms and legs and hearts-are in the hay.
The truth is, farming is a chess game with a zillion possible variables, not all of them under the farmer's control.
The conventional-farming community had messed with the wrong guy.
Next, we'll visit a tiny farming community where local farmers cultivate indigenous ragi grain without the use of pesticides.
There is an expectation among many in the public that all the expensive high-tech equipment of modern farming increases yields.
Add to that a backlash against fast food and industrialized farming, and the bistro emerged reborn.
Agriculture information related to organic farming.
Organic farming, however, provides farmers with tremendous growth opportunities.

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