farmhouse in a sentence

Example sentences for farmhouse

The words she croaks in her thatch-roofed, mud-brick farmhouse are precious.
Bored living alone in a little farmhouse, he came up with a model for a betting exchange.
The final phase involved leasing an isolated farmhouse.
Salinas took his robot to a rural farmhouse selected by the police.
But now rain is pounding down, obscuring the monster storm bearing down on his two-story farmhouse.
The cinder-block farmhouse lacks central heat, so the family wraps in blankets and huddles around a space heater.
Thus, he takes the easy route by stealing a plump gobbler from a nearby farmhouse.
Blinding floodlights illuminate his stone farmhouse at night.
Both his workshop and farmhouse have been preserved.
Finally, he decided he wanted to restore the historic farmhouse.

Famous quotes containing the word farmhouse

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I've tried the new moon tilted in the air Above a hazy tree-and-farmhouse cluster As you might try a jewel ... more
It would seem that the film maker is able to exert a greater degree of control over his medium than the writer since the... more
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