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Example sentences for farfetched

And so it was not farfetched to surmise that they were instead offered as a goodbye.
Much of the film's uneasy humor is in this farfetched and caustic vein.
Considerably more than melodrama and sensationalism are contained in its not too farfetched speculations.
Our society is steeped in the uneasy awareness that human extinction is not a particularly farfetched possibility.
The notion of a single memo's changing history is indeed farfetched.
However, extreme events must be plausible and not so farfetched that results lose credibility with management.
Using the sun to pump water to keep our streams clean may sound farfetched, but it's real and it works.
List every reason you identify, no matter how farfetched it may seem.
Such an argument is too farfetched to take seriously.
It wasn't that he had a problem with farfetched notions.
In theory, the technique might be used to create stem cells, but even this scenario is a bit farfetched.

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