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The legendary great white shark is far more fearsome in our imaginations than in reality.
We as a country and as a culture are far too deferential to the police.
Venomous snakes send shivers down many people's spines, but venomous fish are far more common, scientists say.
It is better educated, highly urbanised, far more exposed to the outside world and much less patient.
Much of the thrill of venturing to the far side of the world rests on the romance of difference.
As far as the raccoon with the big nuts, your guess is as good as mine.
Shellfish are a far less dramatic prey but still an important part of the leopard seal's diet.
Fences are fine between neighboring properties, as far as they go.
The number of duplicate claims among patents is far too high.
The arbor-shaded patio with banco seating invites guests to the garden's far reaches.
More than a dozen x-ray telescopes have been launched into space so far.
Placing the conversation area as far from the house as possible makes it feel worlds away from everyday concerns.
While gossip may spread far and wide in academia, it doesn't matter.
Visionaries see a future for airships that goes far beyond advertising.
Water runs through a pipe hidden beneath the channel's river rocks to a catchment pond at the far end.
The faculty supremacy complex afflicts far too many in your ranks.
As you fall asleep you hear bloodhounds not far away.
Television series budgets are far leaner, but you'll probably get a show cap or jacket.
The cowbirds also ravaged warbler nests that were too far along in the brooding process to accept new eggs.
Hart points to a ridgeline far above the beach, where other spruces grow, the gesture implying the obvious.
These plants never strayed too far from the city center, so development grew densely.
That's going too far in friendliness and can be interpreted as mocking.
But it was also clear that the campaign was far too ambitious.
And clearly--as he knows far too well--it could wind up doing much, much worse.
The university has not been affected by the current crisis so far.
When left to its own logic, though, fire renews far more life than it destroys.
The radiation that comes from far outside our galaxy, filling the whole universe, is the cosmic background.
But sometimes the stalks appear in clusters on leaves or other plant parts, usually not far from a colony of aphids.
They have the power to merge threads, but so far this has not happened.
But materials and engineering skill lagged far behind the dream.
The intellectual preparation for an interview is far less straightforward than the logistics.
Ask students to imagine that they are looking for a new home in another country, far from where they live now.
The faculty-supremacy complex afflicts far too many in your ranks.
But that's about all that is known about them so far.
These stories underscore how far and deep the science of chemistry reaches into our modern life.
In terms of capacity, the scale of private money is far too small.
Many of those jobs are easy to export to countries with far lower standards of living.
Its lineage dates back as far as the individual scholar chooses to track it.
That's because between then and now, the cost of higher education has grown far faster than inflation.
So far, the version emerging as predominant seems relatively benevolent.
They're flowering now, which means that potato formation isn't far off.
She regularly trims back any plants that wander too far into the path.
So far as an estimate can be made, it seems to agree fairly well with the results obtained by the other methods.
Whether they realize it or not, every member of our modern society makes far-reaching decisions every day.
Volcanoes shook up the far side of the moon for far longer than scientists thought.
Even small temperature changes can have far-reaching effects on the life cycles of marine animals from corals to whales.
If you see the ocean receding unusually rapidly or far it's a good sign that a big wave is on its way.
Those people live far away from the lights of big cities, office buildings, and shopping malls.
The moving water can take plant seeds to far-away places.
But aftershocks were far less common in areas where they calculated stress had dropped.
So, consider how far your food has to travel, and buy local to cut your water footprint.
In this case, forest elephants may be of particular concern, because far less is known about their population status.
It was a cozy spot, as far as underground rest stops go.
Farming lets you feed far more people than hunting and gathering.
The effects of acid rain extend far beyond graveyards.
The downtown was far from vibrant, and in places pretty rough.
The absurdity of dangling from a single rope far above the ferns below was put into perspective quickly.
Others swoop close to their stars and then swing far out on egg-shaped paths, scattering smaller bodies as they go.
Based on the findings so far, the concentration of boron varies within the diamond, ranging from zero to eight parts per million.
It is also a time for silent contemplation, on topics and people near or far.
It is far easier to tell students to memorize something and vastly easier to test what they have memorized.
There were certainly many more dinosaur parasites than those recognized so far.
Admittedly, one didn't have to look far up their org charts to infer why.
The time between seeing a lightning flash and hearing the thunder it produces is a rough guide to how far away the lightning was.
Coal may be far cheaper but it is also far more polluting.
From their size, bacteria don't look the the sort of organisms to travel far.
So far, he says, the results suggest that sponges and comb jellies appeared before cnidarians.
Little evidence has cropped up so far for the latter view.
Given the awesome correlating powers of today's stock trading computers, the idea may not be as far-fetched as you think.
The imprisonment which now began was far different in character and severity from the preceding periods.
But so far, it's not clear they can do anything to help.
Well, for starters, the research offers a far scarier take on the hazards of unhealthy eating.
The upside effect in the intervention group, in other words, was far larger than the downside effect in the control group.
It does so by looking far beyond any human language, spoken or written.
The problem is a culture of exposure that is far more advanced than any efforts to combat online cruelty.
Here is a false-color map of the tsunami height which will give you an idea of the far-reaching nature of this event.
Shooting a basketball underhand gives your shot far better arc and spin.
New ocular implants are already illuminating colors and shapes, and promise to become far better.
You'll be amazed at how far we've come in only a short time as far as space exploration.
It is a fascinating concept: tweaking cells so they self-destruct if they go too far down the road to cancer.
He imagined our perceptions to be but a faint inkling of a far richer reality that flickers beyond reach.
Dolphins and humans are, so far, the only other members of this select club of animals who use names for individuals.
Humans maintain far more, and more complicated, relationships.
As far as the frog is concerned, this is nothing out of the ordinary.
Such solar cells will probably take years to commercialize, but could far outperform conventional solar cells.
Dragline silk--the type spiders use for the rims and spokes of their webs--is tougher and far lighter than steel.
The technology could also apply to metal-air batteries that could store far more energy than anything on the market today.
Imagine computers orders of magnitude more powerful and far cheaper than today's machines.
Adsorption chillers are typically far less efficient than chillers that use electrical compressors, and are bulky and expensive.
Their basic conjecture is that life is an emergent phenomena that occurs in systems that are far out of equilibrium.
The alternative is that you can try to do something that isn't as far ahead.
The new dye absorbs light far better than the conventional dye.
So far, no commercial wireless system can beat the raw speed of optical fiber, which can carry tens of gigabits per second.
Because it covers energy in general, its scope is far broader and more diffuse.
Using the commercial elastomer adhesives, the robot can already climb far more nimbly than any other robot.
So far these machines have been used mainly to make detailed plastic models based on computer designs.
Honda sought to extend how far the laminar flow extends along the fuselage and the wing.
So far the research group has demonstrated arrays of transistors made on thin films of silk.
But with its bounty of tangy raspberries and topping of cinnamon-walnut streusel, this buckle isn't so far from coffeecake.
Pit stops in backwater towns inevitably mean that decent meals can be few and far between.
Two adults and three kids, and food stamps don't really go all that far.
The winter has been exceptionally mild so far, but the wind today is brisk, blowing in some new weather.
Faltering sales will undermine the confidence of businesses far more than fiscal consolidation will embolden them.
There is no need to look so far back or so far away.
The fact that it's still popping up in late-night comedy routines suggests suggests that it's far from being resolved.

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