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But the way endowments actually work made a naïve fantasy of that simple, heartfelt dream.
We, as humans telling stories, need to retain elements of fantasy and imagination.
It is equally conceivable that the fantasy-made-reality of human space flight will return to fantasy.
Building a pair of dream rosters is the great general-manager fantasy, a test of his skills as an evaluator of talent.
Those who tuned in late missed the disclaimer that the program was pure fantasy.
While some of the paintings in that exhibition depict the countryside near his home, others are pure fantasy.
It may have been more of a fantasy than anything else.
Thanks to an unexpected mold outbreak in two residence halls, that far-flung fantasy is about to come true.
Today, antigravity research is an all-but-extinct field of study that has devolved into little more than science-fiction fantasy.
One must see it to believe it is not some elaborate computer-generated fantasy.
Ask the candidates to consider two fantasy courses they wish they could design for undergraduates.
Paint your fantasy in too rosy a hue, and you may be hurting your chances of success.
It occurred to me that other sci-fi and fantasy movies also require terse synopses for the channel-surfing community.
But to claim that it has anything to do with an immortal soul is pure fantasy.
Stories have the power to take us to other worlds, and no genre more so than science fiction and fantasy.
Until recently, these questions were purely within the domain of speculative philosophy and fantasy.
Alas, physicists have long spoiled the fantasy by saying that quantum mechanics applies only to microscopic things.
Of course, in science fiction the fulfillment of this anthropomorphic machine fantasy is perfectly reasonable.
Even if she believes this fantasy, you don't have to print it.
Lets try to keep talking about science and verifiable data, not escapist fantasy of any political orientation.
As the season draws to a close, fantasy owners don't have much reason to check the daily box scores.
In fantasy baseball, a player's defensive skills rarely enter the conversation.
With each season, the number of new fantasy football sites seems to skyrocket.
Most people may dismiss their fantastic feats-and their formidable foes-as mere fantasy.
It's a kind of writing that blends real science with fantasy.
Ludwig was quite shy so he stayed in the mountains with his castles and tried to create a fantasy world.
She was smart, beautiful in brief, a music producer's ultimate fantasy.
It made the story seem slightly more realistic, despite the fact that the book is purely fantasy.
The genre of the series is fantasy because of all the mythical and made up creatures that are invented in it.
The movie is pure fantasy, but it captures the city's mysterious, ephemeral essence.
Together these form an oasis of medieval fantasy in the midst of the modern city.
Few moviegoers realized this wasn't a special-effects fantasy.
The militarization of cyberspace is not a fantasy but an urgent problem requiring immediate solutions.
When users reach a road in the fantasy-themed game, they can cross at designated safe spots and must look both ways for monsters.
Our preparedness on these fronts is still in the fantasy stage.
When fantasy becomes more real than reality, people are going to start living at the computer.
Although such applications are as speculative as they are spectacular, scientists no longer view them as pure fantasy.
Because this is not science, it is fantasy, which has somehow escaped into real life.
Your semantic flight of fantasy aside, there are serious attempts to make semantic grammar computer tractable.
Those who have to have things proven have faith in fantasy to begin with.
These aren't a fantasy river or a mountain, but the shadow of the past looming.
To many, that forecast still smacks of cyber-fantasy.
They remember a rather different cool fantasy, too: superconductivity.
Planning was a matter of wishful thinking, if not outright fantasy.
Given the vast amount of evidence supporting all this, denying it is fantasy.
So skeptics, who often admit the loveliness of the math, have long dismissed string theory as an untestable fantasy.
Formerly a research lab, this lodge is now available to anyone wanting to live out their underwater fantasy.
Whether this technological fantasy is feasible is an open question.
Yet the freedom to invent tempts the fiction writer to fantasy.
Reality can sometimes merge with fantasy when it comes to jewels.
She was empty, possessed solely by this stale fantasy, shared by the whole white population.
In the world of science fiction and fantasy, the boundary between writers and readers is highly permeable.
After all, the object of his fantasy life is none other than his ex.
Instead of a single football game, the splintering of fifteen different games into personalized fantasy-league statistics.
Fantasy fiction lets us dwell, however briefly, in days of miracles and wonder.
But in this fantasy universe, they spend the whole year not buying what they want.
His entry point was typical for the nerdy set of his generation: fantasy games.
The sleeper parched of his dreams, or purged of his nightmares, goes swiftly bonkers: without fantasy there is no reality.
In his view, it is nothing more than a left-wing fantasy.
In others it is a promise of freedom, opportunity, and plenty: a political metaphor and a private fantasy.
They were looking to populate their fantasy world with new and more lurid characters.
For those monogamous males who have entertained the fantasy of multiple wives: forget about it.
Romantic fantasy isn't the only driver of curiosity-our inner snob is always clicking away, doing little status checks.
It's a place where the off-kilter meets off-road serenity, where pure spontaneity meets fastidiously manicured fantasy.
The first stages of a political implosion are equal parts theater, sport, and fantasy.
As a consequence, there is a recurrent fantasy of retrieving him, and of making him talk.
It unfurled almost entirely in the phantom zone where fantasy and virtual reality overlap.
The majority of them are fantastic, but there are about two percent for whom the line between reality and fantasy is blurred.
They also had a shared fantasy life, pretending to be a couple on a bowling team.

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