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No matter where team loyalties lie, football fans unite every season for food-filled game days.
Fans of his econometrics lectures are so loyal that some even sent him money to buy a new camera to improve the image quality.
The university's trustees must be fans of the president.
Film fans are scrambling to keep up with technology.
Musicians are always more open-minded about music than their fans, sadly.
In fact, for years the sport barely registered outside of college alumni fans.
Clearly, baseball commentators will now share data about what percentage of fans' blood pressure went up after a particular play.
Ironic that in some ways his fans feel he is somewhat unappreciated.
Protecting fans and players from the elements remains a secondary consideration.
But for us audio fans, there's another sequence during launch preparation that's awfully compelling.
The club manager told us to prepare to do our show, and if our regular fans showed up, to go ahead.
They will also continue to argue about it, as the fans are doing here.
Of course, fans of designer babies will welcome this discovery.
However, as many of his fans are indeed guilty of doing that, as his detractors.
There will be interviews with players, coaches and notable soccer fans.
The thin and efficient technology could replace bulky cooling fans.
More intense light also means that more performance-degrading heat must be dissipated using heat sinks or fans.
The disks must be cooled with circulating water rather than standard fans.
The system sends alerts to sports fans and creates instant clips so they don't miss key plays.
It should be relatively cheep to design, build, and test on the fans that cool our computers.
Fans are now reconstructing episodes using surviving audio tracks and photos that people snapped of their telly screens.
Loyalty programs for music fans is a neat idea, and we're surprised we're not hearing about more bands doing similar stuff.
It should have gone away, but thousands of fans still use it and keep its applications current.
There are plenty of fans lining the race course, especially as the race cuts through cities and towns.
Ordinary fans make you feel cooler by moving air around, but they don't cool the air.
Whole-house fans operate on an entirely different concept.
The steps vary from place to place, but the dancers all carry lanterns or fans and they also sing.
Lodgings here accommodate a wide range of tourists, from the backpacking ecology lover to pampered resort fans.
Keep those fans buzzing in summer instead of turning on the air conditioner.
Fans can expect to hear some of this new material at upcoming live dates, as well as favorites from their latest releases.
His bid is dividing her fans, some of whom object to his character problems and big-government tendencies.
Some fans, undoubtedly, will pay up for two weekends.
Over the past several years, a community of developers and fans infatuated with the games and styles of yesteryear has developed.
Every week, our panel of sports fans discusses a topic of the moment.
When fans booed her for a bad play, she yelled obscenities at them.
If foreign fans and coaches get sick, these are the doctors they will see.
Within the fastidious world of opera fans, one group deserves special mention.
At both shows, fans sang along to his poetically succinct lyrics, which he delivers in a punchy and sincere style.
He needs to be adored, and he'll banter with fans, but his face goes dead when a tribe of paparazzi or even an agent comes near.
The singer belted out our national anthem in fine form, but as she did, fans booed.
On the street, fans cheered and car horns were honked.
Such extensions create deeper, more immersive experiences for fans.
Fans complain bitterly about the rising price of live music.
Foreign fans, some of them sceptics when they arrived, have gone home as converts.
It is his human-rights record that makes even his fans queasy.
Their fans argue, however, that the sins of the few should not condemn the lot.
For less obsessive fans, the books are still an important memory.
Few of the fans seemed to notice, let alone oppose, the conflation of party and state.
Fans of such services gush that they will mint money by allowing ads to be targeted at folk who are about to make a purchase.
Convinced that these are short-term problems, fans of renewables want government cash to see projects through the tough times.
But vertical integration's fans have a struggle ahead to overcome its poor image.
To its fans, it is a laudable effort by a publicly minded company to unlock a treasure trove of hidden knowledge.
As it moves from the top left to the bottom right, its tail fans out across the green galaxy cluster.
But as laptops get thinner, fans have downsized too, becoming less efficient in the process.
Even for us science fiction fans, there is far more payoff from unmanned missions.
The final whistle blew, and fans spilled onto the field.
Even for long-time viewers and hardcore fans, it's kinda confusing.
Fans are a lot more involved in things than they think.
The link-aggregating site recently unveiled a long-awaited redesign, and left fans fuming.
Fans were grumbling after narrow victories against weaker opponents.
Attic fans can suck air down flues causing spillage.
Attic fans can't always be easily accessed or controlled.
However, there are many cases where compatibility is only between light kits and ceiling fans under the same brand.
The fans can fall at any time, possibly causing injuries to bystanders.
The fans can fall at anytime, possibly causing injuries to bystanders.
The recalled fans also were sold at other retailers, some of which have gone out of business.
One of my students claims that his father always makes the family turn off the fans when they are not in the room.

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