fanny pack in a sentence

Example sentences for fanny pack

Don't use a fanny pack or leave a bag unsecured on the seat next to you in an outdoor café.
Top pocket detaches and transforms into a fanny pack with built-in lumbar support.
As usual, he carried his unlicensed handgun in his fanny pack.
Wireless microphone in hand and with a transmitter tucked inside a fanny pack, he interviews his subject while on the run.
Also, get a backpack or fanny pack to carry all of your hiking supplies.
Mobile emergency kits should be smaller, more personalized, and should be no bigger than a backpack or fanny pack.
Carry two other reliable sources of light in a small backpack or fanny pack, plus new batteries and spare bulbs.
Consider using a special fanny pack designed to foil pickpockets, see our travel products page.
Each camper receives a fanny pack, visor, and a whistle.
Use a fanny pack or deep pockets in clothing to carry what you need.
Carry your money in an inner coat pocket, or fanny pack.
Now that you have settled in, you can grab a fanny pack with water and food to start your hike.
Credit cards were taken from a wallet and fanny pack left on the kitchen counter.
If you carry a purse, hold it securely between your arm and body or consider wearing a fanny pack.
He was carrying his weapon and badge in a fanny pack.
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