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For fancier tastes, there's spice-crusted filet mignon and maple-glazed duck.
Custom-made boots can be ordered, with fancier skins such as ostrich or lizard available for the more extravagant shopper.
Consumers demand more and fancier computer functions, creating more spaces for viruses and bots to hide.
The fancier the ad the more wonderful the promises, the worse the service.
But adding the adjective makes the service sound fancier.
My actual one is a little fancier and was more money than this one.
But for those who do, it can be worth it, even at the expense of a fancier life style.
With all due respect, the little lady cuts a much fancier figure on skates.
Prices are lower than at the fancier leather boutiques.
The only problem that the mussel-fancier faces is the tedious chore of cleaning them.
He sold that house to a ghost-fancier precisely because it was haunted.
Money earned can go towards buying faster boats and fancier navigation equipment.
They pull the roaringly gregarious, not the mere quiet fancier of a drink with a mate or two.
But higher yields also need better irrigation and fancier seeds.
His teaching was not about ever better food, fancier clothes and bigger shelters.
Big airlines are giving premier customers better food, more choices and fancier presentation.
For instance, you can choose to stay in a three-star casual inn or a five-star fancier one.
The idea of buying a fancier, faster car in the first place doesn't seem to appeal to them.
Smaller or cheaper models come out better than fancier ones.
The inn has fancier rooms with fireplaces, refrigerators and hot tubs.
For now, the underpinnings of the concept are intended to be much fancier.
The town's fancier hotels feature more refined restaurants.
Contact your hotel or resort for information about restaurant dress codes, as a fancier outfit may be required in some locations.
In turn, this caused many companies to make fancier, better earbuds as alternatives.
As these gadgets get fancier and more elaborate, the price goes way up in response.
My relatives live in a modest house at the bottom of a hill, but as you go up the hills, the houses get fancier and fancier.
For fancier tastes, though, the stylish lunch pail allows heating in-situ and also stores your cutlery ready for use.
And unless you need more volume or really want to show off, there's no need to buy a fancier model than this one.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, only the pickiest chefs at the fancier restaurants choose the local farm route.
They tend to be bigger than other females, and they have fancier fins and brighter color patterns.
There are many, many fancier and more mathematical descriptions of extra dimensions and the definition of a dimension.
It sounds as if he's lashing out, doing what he laments others doing, only with fancier language and rhetorical footwork.
The version offered here is fancier, in honor of the occasion.
If you need anything fancier, the results are provided as a text file for use with your favorite plotting package.
If you want to get fancier, make a set of cans of the same size with different diameter holes.
Members old and new seem to appreciate the fancier fare.
When they come with their husbands, they choose fancier merchandise.

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