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Example sentences for fancied

The naturalist is led from the road by the whole distance of his fancied advance.
When she was discontented, she fancied herself nervous.
He fancied himself an athlete of possibilities and a supple dancer.
One day when he fancied a spin, the car would not start.
And because they fancied themselves recession-proof, many firms projected hiring plans equal to those from the previous year.
Apart from spending more a lot was spent on things that people didn't need but fancied.
It typically entails nostalgia for real or fancied past ages that dealt-successfully, in retrospect-with similar crises.
Most of the cups and bowls-kylikes, kraters-were used for wine drinking, in what must be fancied a clubhouse atmosphere.
When radicals pronounced painting dead, there was no doubt about whose funeral they fancied.
They fancied themselves up-to-date, and they believed in the myth of their modernity.
He fancied the picture had a new moroseness to it, as if the sepia-toned eyes might well up and shed a tear.
They thought it scarcely a part of their real selves, and fancied they should be in a better condition without it.
The problem comes in knitting together these experiences, real or fancied, into a single narrative.
He fancied himself as a bit polished, a cosmopolite who happened to be stranded in a backwoods village.
His sister fancied herself subtle, but he had grown up with her.
The historical prop failing, the prop or fancied prop of principle remains.
When she was discontented, she fancied herself nervous.
The local sheriff had always fancied himself as sorta of a detective.

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