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The danger is that this fanaticism could be hijacked by even more radical groups, of which there is no shortage.
In the long term, such white-hot fanaticism may burn out and even disappear, making way for new kinds of zealotry.
No one is as surprised as me by the fanaticism surrounding this computer.
Foodie fanaticism is giving the rest of us indigestion.
If you want to be taken seriously you need to abandon the all or nothing fanaticism and embrace a balanced science oriented view.
The second was the growing fanaticism of the fringe.
It's as if they understand my particular brand of lunacy and fanaticism.
Their faith in a glorious hereafter stops well short of stereotypical burning-eyed fanaticism.
The haters can counter only with repression, regression and fanaticism.
One must remember that fanaticism in any area leads to ignorance, and that is exactly the case here.
Ignorance and fanaticism is ever busy and needs feeding.
He's clean-shaven, a sign of fanaticism in a country of scraggly beards.
In fact, by turning dealmaking into a game of chicken, the debt ceiling favors fanaticism.
The spirit of conservatism, properly understood, is inhospitable to fanaticism.
Because fanaticism and ignorance is forever busy, and needs feeding.
But surely the reverse is true: they are students of the opposite of history, which is theocratic fanaticism.
In a word, it's creepy, in the way all ideological fanaticism is creepy.
And the third stage was rejecting the ideological fanaticism that was driving it all.
The climate gravy train is the real motivation behind this global warming hysteria along with eco-green fanaticism.
He spoke with casual civility, but in an utterly dead voice that contradicted the fanaticism of his face.
No work has ever revealed more about the murderous blend of zeal and indifference that is fanaticism.
Such certainty is one of the great justifications of fanaticism, compulsion, persecution.
Nothing is more difficult for the reasonable, settled, status quo state than to contemplate fanaticism.
But ranting is a form of verbal fanaticism, and other cultures often do it better.
That's not the sign of critical thinking, that's the sign of fanaticism.
Their fanaticism is childish and is really a cry for attention.
Fanaticism under the guise of science is still fanaticism.
The shield of fanaticism-wielded by those ready to forfeit their lives to achieve their twisted dreams-is not easily pierced.
Fanaticism and extremism remain a scourge of humanity, as they have been for many centuries.
Motivated by greed or fanaticism, nuclear smuggling rings continue to find ready customers willing to pay exorbitant prices.

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