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The average football fan probably has no interest at all in any of this.
It's a square fan set into the wall and vents to the outside.
As the craft then rotates, the wings start providing lift, and the fan starts blowing towards the back.
No one talks but for the occasional murmur, tactfully hidden behind fan or hand.
Unless you're a priest or a fan of historical reenactments, you probably aren't serving wine in silver goblets.
With the number of fan projects sent to us, it's difficult finding any worth spotlighting.
It has a pull-chain which opens it and starts the motor to turn the fan.
The television money and fan base attract capital too.
Unfortunately, my stomach was not as big a fan of the food as my taste buds were.
With a knife, cut the parent rhizome into segments so each has its own leaf fan.
If the whole contraption could be turned around, and the fan placed downwind from the support pole, this problem would disappear.
Finally, a fan blows air through the refrigerant coil and into the ducts of the house.
It may not be the best fiction ever written, but for a dinosaur fan this collection is about as good as it gets.
Soft meringue has earned its fan base in this country as a cloud on top of lemon pie.
In one, an officer whose agency is not readily identifiable restrains a fan and throws him to the ground.
The fund has suddenly become a fan of fiscal stimulus.
The valley sides show evidence of multiple large landslides that have created vast fan shapes of material.
Using the tops as a handle, fan out light parts under running water and wash off grit.
If the breeze alone isn't enough, apply some fan power.
The problem is how to turn the fan base into an effective lobby.
The problem, it said, was vote-fixing and fan violence.
And unfortunately their preaching these days are full of venom and negativity to fan agitation.
It is the dream of every sports fan to own his or her favorite team.
Soccer spawns deeply rooted rivalries and fan violence.
They've equipped their new engine with a state-of-the-art gearbox that allows the fan and turbine run at different speeds.
Our president was a fan of that technique at my last university.
Appreciation of the spin bowler's art separates the cerebral fan from the bloodthirsty.
Soon they will fan out and gorge on insects in the forest below.
Barren granite and scruffy tundra fan out in every direction.
But the system saves her an hour's commute each way to the main campus, so she's a fan.
But for anyone who was not already a poker fan it seemed boring.
Wind turbines or windmills generate mechanical power from the wind with large blades similar to those on a fan.
Not surprisingly, the plastics industry is not a fan of these taxes and bans.
The hordes fan out across the center of town, gamboling across granite streets slick with beer, champagne and sweat.
Doctor, a couple of my team members want you to turn on the exhaust fan before starting the autopsy.
Get an oscillating fan and set it to rotate so it makes the hanging things move at intervals.
But some opera fan out there in radioland once thought it was.
In a fan hitch, the dogs are each attached to the sled by their own line, in a fan formation.
It can be arched into a magnificent fan that reaches across the bird's back and touches the ground on either side.
Although four out of five wildfires are started by people, nature is usually more than happy to help fan the flames.
To supplement their income, the immigrants fan out into the forest to hunt wild animals to supply the lucrative bush-meat trade.
The fan activates to cool the cabin when the car is parked and the interior temperature rises.
And you do not have to be a tea-party fan to agree that some corporate tax rates are too high.
Some shows are greying faster than the networks that carry them, in part because they have fan bases that are ageing naturally.
It does not help, either, that politicians on both sides are willing to fan the flames.
These are not the huge fan blades you see when boarding, but are buried deep in the engines.
We use a fan because it causes evaporation of sweat and makes you feel cooler.
Sunfish are weird, and you don't have to be a fish-fan to find them bizarre and wonderful.
One suspects she's received a lot of extremely odd fan mail.
If the economy suffers as a result, it'll be what a soccer fan might call the biggest own goal in history.
He nixed the idea of an internal fan, because he thought it was noisy and clumsy.
Sitting splay-legged, he used his helmet to fan his face.
The fan shape in the image is scattered light from the planet itself.
If you're a fan of over-the-top ridiculously huge violent explosions, then you won't do any better than gamma-ray bursts.
Fan reaction to the leaked stills has been largely positive.
The portion of the crater within the landing area has an alluvial fan likely formed by water-carried sediments.
Celebrities snag coveted interviews on major networks, and of course, they can always count on their fan-base for support.
Wire a few of them together, and they generate enough power to run a small fan.
The homeless fellow, it seems, is a big fan of our current president.
Fan should be capable of start-up under full-load conditions.
Fan pressure referenced above is for delivered fan pressure.
Ceiling fan performance and energy savings rely heavily on the proper installation and use of the ceiling fan.

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