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Owning a home designed by a famous architect can be a little daunting.
To sample the cuisine of the priesthood, this famous restaurant is it.
Next to the village there was a giant wooden version of the famous stone circle.
The story of a famous corpse gets a surprising twist.
Civilizations have traded emeralds since antiquity, but the sources of many famous gems have remained unknown.
But a pick-and-choose tour of famous masterpieces ignores the full scope of the collection.
Famous people dabbling in this lucrative genre is a centuries-old practice.
No picture he ever shot received as much attention-or controversy-as his famous kiss.
It's home to world-famous restaurants, from steakhouses to sushi bars.
He became famous after he bet against the housing bubble but is now in the limelight for less flattering reasons.
His experiments soon became world famous because not only were they humane, but they were also for a time exceedingly profitable.
And when you are a mathematician, no one knows you're famous.
Famous people who take their own lives become the focus of sensationalised reporting.
Short of giving each actor a name badge and a distinctive hat, that means hiring lots of famous faces.
His instruments were highly esteemed, played by the virtuosi of their day, perhaps heard by famous composers.
In a famous moment in the case the broker said economists did not have a good record for prediction.
It consists of the firms that make the machines that make the famous products.
If only you had written a little more, done more service, become more famous.
Now an eminent psychiatrist is charging that one famous patient has recently been misdiagnosed, and posthumously at that.
They start to target victims who are more famous, more sympathetic, or simply more numerous.
What a heavy burden is a name that has become too famous.
And of course there's no shortage of famous fictional moustaches.
It is an interesting, unexpected expression of hemp, enjoyable even without its famous effects.
And for one star-studded evening they went back in time to re-create the dishes that made them famous.
Famous writers have previously shared insights on symbolism, reading, and writing itself.
The second snap yielded the sharper image that's become famous, so a minute's attention was involved.
Cell phone cameras are famous for taking grainy, low-resolution pictures.
It's tolerably well known that newspapers and magazines bank the obituaries of the ailing famous.
One famous example is that water expands when it freezes, ensuring that ice floats rather than sinks.
The conjunction and disjunction fallacies are famous for revealing the limits of human reasoning about probability.
Wireless carriers are famous for controlling the devices and software that they allow on their networks.
She flowers only once every six years or so in an event that has become as famous as it is rare.
Pottery vessels were painted with images of famous bouts.
The new trick riffs off the famous rubber hand illusion.
The president, on the other hand, is famous for squirming through visits to hospitals.
His complex personality is famous in social and legal circles.
He believed that it is the few, the powerful and the famous who shape our collective destiny as a species.

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