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Example sentences for famished

He would act famished and would grab food as if he was starving.
It's not the lack of food, but the regime's refusal to let it reach the famished.
Elephant ivory paid for weaponry, while other wildlife became bush meat for soldiers and famished villagers.
Bulimics often skip meals until they are famished and then binge and purge.
Famished townsfolk have already eaten their neighbours' dogs and are reduced to scrounging for snails.
But it also sets up a stand inside that caters to the famished stars who drop by after the awards.
The aim was to provide cheap nourishment for a famished nation.
Or when the famished pair sneaked food into their hotel room because they feared they could not afford the hotel's meals.
Certainly, the burgeoning game industry is famished for new talent.
Famished children in refugee camps find themselves unable to outpace and catch lizards.
Should the skiing leave you famished, head to one of the three fine dining restaurants or one of the several casual eateries.
When the famished mothers return to the ocean to feast, down goes a diver with a handheld camera to film the drama.
That's the lasagna you want when you come home, famished, at the end of a long drive and find it sitting on the back burners.
It's also a good idea to have a light lunch so you won't be famished by the time the game starts.
Please list principal types of services and/or supplies famished.
As a result, you get that famished feeling that leads to overeating.
It was a bitter and heart-rending struggle, with famished families evicted from their homes.
Snacks should be served at times that allow children to come to their regular meals hungry but not famished.
All stone or brick required for the sidewalks will be famished by the city.

Famous quotes containing the word famished

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