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Locust swarms devastate crops and cause major agricultural damage and attendant human misery-famine and starvation.
But then if you closely examine the dates of the wave and the dates of the famine, you see that it is an insufficient explanation.
People keep scrapbooks and diaries more during wartime and after wartime, and famine and disease and fear.
Famine set in, the social order broke down and looting was rampant.
It was the time of intense cold, of the bombardment, of epidemics and of famine.
The yellow pine of the south and the hardwoods are now following, and the famine in hickory is upon us.
Now, in a country long shadowed by famine, food has become plentiful and there are even signs of an obesity problem.
If the previous plant did not create famine, it's not clear why this one would.
Things that may slow or prevent the singularity economic collapse, devastating world wars, famine.
With no food or clean water and open wounds, the risk of famine and epidemic diseases was high.
These rodents live a feast-or-famine lifestyle and gorge themselves all summer to build up plentiful reserves of fat.
Being fat is bad, except during a famine, where being fat is good.
Famine, water shortage and energy poverty not to mention wars caused by the above and lack of space.
There will be loss of life from famine, but far fewer die from this cause than in earlier times.
Large scale famine would certainly increase political tensions and could produce war.
And the famine generally results from the war, not the other way around.
Devolution, not famine, is the really frightening permanent consequence of human overpopulation.
Wide spread famine and disease caused by global cooling and government manipulations that are already started.
Famine will put things right, it is the only thing that works.
These countries have become almost synonymous with drought and famine.
The rich, dark dirt holds centuries of farming and famine and fighting.
Today the billions of people the world over who seek that prize are encountering simultaneous feast and famine.
Poor countries retorted that they did not see floods or famine as pragmatic options.
These are unprecedented levels for places unaffected by war or famine.
Conceptual subtleties flank blunt accounts of famine's causes or physical handicap's economic effects.

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