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The players not only compete, they enact a familiar ceremony that reaffirms common values.
When plagiarism lands an administrator in trouble, it is usually plagiarism of the more familiar variety.
Make sure you are familiar with the databases they own and the circ system they are currently using.
There is more poetry around, and people are more familiar with it, than they believe.
If you are familiar with children, as you surely are, you know to expect the unexpected from them.
Look closely at the league rosters and you'll notice a few familiar names that are nowhere to be found.
It is a familiar tale of photosynthesis, forests, farming and fossils fuels.
Monetary tightening is expected to intensify for two reasons, one familiar, the other less so.
Many other strange creatures turn out to be familiar faces in disguise.
By now, the litany of dismaying statistics is all too familiar.
Familiar worries about creaking infrastructure are returning.
The yuan's rise as a global currency is being handled with familiar deliberation.
The genome-all the genes that go to make up an organism-is a familiar idea.
It removed its familiar green sign following earlier protests that began as soon as the outlet opened.
Investors are becoming familiar with it, too, because media executives are telling a similar story about their own business.
But for many firms the usual jitters are now combined with a less familiar problem: falling profitability.
But familiar as it is, proportionality is a slippery idea.
They expect factories to take up the idea quickly, because it is a modification of equipment that is already familiar.
Do take a look at our website if you are not familiar with the publication.
Though seemingly irrational, this pattern of faculty politics is familiar to anyone who has worked in a university.
Being somewhat familiar with the researchers' trucks, she trots up to us and stands by my door for a few moments.
Consciousness can seem utterly familiar, even mundane.
The chemists were familiar with so-called heat-transfer fluids that met all three of those requirements.
In the end, there are all kinds of forms that can arise: everything from prisms and needles to the familiar lacy snowflakes.
The stellar halo is debris that surrounds our familiar white swirl of stars.
While many of the techniques were familiar to me, the section on digital fingerprints was new.
Few scenes grab our attention more forcefully than those where the familiar sits jarringly against the uncomfortably alien.
In time, as the unknown becomes familiar, each new wave of online-privacy terror seems to fade away.
In reality, the students aren't tennis players, and the task is not something they are familiar with.
But it's an excellent summary, for those who may not be intimately familiar with the tools.
So, if you are not familiar with the previous works and thoughts please take a closer look for more details here.
He was in wholly unknown territory, but he was also in a familiar landscape of snow and ice.
Chimpanzees may not forget a familiar face-or a behind, a new study says.
If the concept seems hopelessly complex, you might start with a simple map of a familiar place.
Discuss the reasons why it's important to be familiar with directions.
Ideally, future centenarians who avail themselves to life-prolonging advances won't suffer the familiar frailties of old age.
Ask students if they are familiar with their own national anthem.
Ask students to think about the eating behaviors of animals they're familiar with.
Alkaloids familiar to humans include caffeine, morphine, and cocaine.
Ask students to describe some of the lion behaviors they are familiar with.
If students are not already familiar with the concept of a watershed, briefly introduce the topic.
Try to conduct a group interview with several people who are familiar with the same event.
The savanna elephant has the more familiar thick, curved ivory shape.
Sandpipers are familiar birds that are often seen running near the water's edge on beaches and tidal mud flats.
The family was familiar with the risks of mountaineering.
Indeed, by now lists of facts about the amazing reach of our language may have begun to sound awfully familiar.
When familiar herbs flower, their blossoms are familiar smelling and tasting.
Finally, it's probably important for adults to get out of their own familiar circles.
The voice is familiar, but it isn't a family member or a friend.
Because of marketing the world is overflowing with people who are famous, or anyway familiar.
So familiar is the concept of the vulnerable panda that it provides the subject for the center's one overtly agitprop message.
But when you're doing this with the intent of trying to write about someone, you don't let the familiar become too familiar.
But when closer to home, the birds seem to rely on familiar landmarks and roads to guide their way.
The gray-scale pictures would look familiar to anyone who has seen a brain scan, but these images are different.
If you've ever used a chemical hand warmer, you'll be familiar with sodium acetate.
Maclaurin and his building committee began by considering proposals from familiar designers.
It's a story that will be familiar to anyone who started working at a management consulting firm straight out of school.
What a visitor gets to see instead is a thin wafer of silicon that would be familiar to anyone in the solar-power industry.
It isn't familiar, therefore it has the appearance of being complicated.
Existing infrastructure and conventional technology can be used to transport this familiar medium wherever it may be required.
Phony warnings similar to the one above-in dozens of languages-are a familiar sight to millions of computer users worldwide.
The meter of her voice, the inflections-it was all intimately familiar.
It is the practiced and familiar ritual greeting of mutual incomprehension and ancient contempt.
He also has the same difficulty with places and often becomes lost when he strays from familiar routes.
When you feel lost in the world, there is some joy to be gleaned from exact imitations of familiar things.
The rest of the menu peps up the familiar with a dash of novelty.
He encounters an often hilarious and bawdy but ultimately bleak metropolis that looks and sounds disturbingly familiar.
That's why the main character looked so familiar, he thinks, dunking his head under the water.
Then he returns to the road, avoiding all signposts to familiar places.
She was nearly crying with exhaustion and alarm and some familiar sort of seeping rage.
If you are a casual reader of science articles in the newspaper, you are probably more familiar with the optimistic view.
So pirates were familiar with the perils of autocracy.
Newly discovered planets are becoming ever smaller, lighter, and more familiar to us earthlings.
Yet they pose problems both familiar and unfamiliar.
But as people practiced the task and became more familiar with it, their mind wandering increased.
The teams have also tagged and tracked many familiar creatures, uncovering surprises to science and commercial fisheries alike.
Oh, one more thing: if the name is familiar, it should be.
The pictures included photos and drawings of celebrities as well as landmarks and various familiar objects.
His description of the field of economics made it sound awfully familiar.
There's something extra special when you recognize so many familiar faces in the audience.
There is a familiar quality to the multi-generational family holiday homecoming that nicely blends drama and comedy.
Seeing the scene of a familiar painting enlarges the context of the art.
These tragedies have become so familiar that they all seem to fall into a similar narrative.
We were introduced to the echo chamber many are now familiar with.
The armory contains only some familiar farmyard implements.
Ickes, were he still with us, would find a familiar scent about this particular book review.
New elements can be introduced and pieces of what has become an overly familiar-and faulty-puzzle reshuffled.
One is simply the familiar tendency to overstate, especially when writing about one's own work.
As the plot unfolded, almost every turn had a familiar ring.
Her book is valuable for its details, but the general picture is familiar.
He must, one guesses, have been familiar with the boudoir games he narrates so well.
Many details in this mythic account are familiar from other sources.
We may not share his approach to airing a grievance, but the grievance itself feels familiar.
The case was shocking, scandalous yet oddly familiar.
The blog entry about payday loans drew what is, unfortunately, a familiar comment from a reader.

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