falter in a sentence

Example sentences for falter

The normally recession proof sector has begun to falter.
O'Hara's fascination with these details led him to falter as a writer.
The less-numerous orchids, meanwhile, may falter in some environments but can excel in those that suit them.
But if these companies falter, some of the others are likely to take their place.
He can be quick to dismiss those who falter as incompetent or lacking in motivation.
If the authorities have to slam on the brakes, the property market will falter, jeopardising loans to developers and builders.
They said it was too early to pinpoint what had caused the two engines to falter.
In times of chaos and crisis, even the best leaders can falter and fail.
In addition, the benefit does not change or drop when stock markets falter.
Absent continued momentum and necessary future investments, current initiatives may falter.

Famous quotes containing the word falter

The worship of Mammon may be vulgar or immoral, but it persists while other religions falter and disappear.... more
A snare is Love, a shame, who are maimed with Love, totter and falter and stare, lost in a world defamed.... more
My country is bleeding, my people are perishing around me. But I feel as a South Carolinian, I am bound to tell the Nort... more
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