falsified in a sentence

Example sentences for falsified

Officials falsified statements that he gave them and then insisted that he sign the erroneous testimony, he says.
But, turns out one of the scientists who told us downing vino would make us live longer falsified and fabricated data.
If two local objects are shown to vacuum free fall non-identically, string theory is empirically falsified.
Socially a physical theory which must be logically consistent is considered to be the truth until it is falsified.
Once falsified the theory looses its status and have to be thrown away.
Its workers had falsified critical quality-control data.
And your falsification by subtraction has hardly been subjected to empirical rigor or indeed falsified all the possible forcing.
Likewise, this view could be relatively falsified by showing that and how such changes could more easily and naturally occur.
Moreover, the guidance was often applied to statements that are so vague they cannot be falsified.
Images that have been falsified or manipulated to misrepresent treatment outcomes are prohibited.

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Now, since our condition accommodates things to itself, and transforms them according to itself, we no longer know thing... more
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