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Example sentences for falsification

The principle of falsification would begin an argument rather than prove a point.
Science is not welcoming to all foregrounds, partly because some foregrounds are simply invulnerable to scientific falsification.
Empirical falsification of a physical theory also makes little sense at all.
The beauty of science lies in its perpetual subject to refutation and falsification.
If those simulations failed to be useful, that would be a falsification.
And your falsification by subtraction has hardly been subjected to empirical rigor or indeed falsified all the possible forcing.
It seems the idea of falsification and scientific integrity has been lost on the last few generations of conventional scientists.
Judson discusses fraud of three sorts: fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism.
There are no broad brushes in these narratives, and there's an absolute intolerance of falsification.
Authentic material has the ring of correctness, while falsification usually betrays itself.
Science depends on the possibility of verification or falsification through positive evidence.
The sins were a deviation, a falsification of the church.
Patients balked, and the bonuses led more often to falsification of records than to a lower birthrate.
Which all seems quite scientific: theories falsified, new ones offered up for falsification.
Not much, unless it is a falsification of a maintenance schedule that leads to an accident.
The effect of the alleged falsification of the accounts was to hide all the alleged illegalities.
Two other the key aspects are relative scarcity as well as difficulty of falsification.
One may call theoretical propositions facts if they are testable but have repeatedly defied falsification.
Each time the pyramid foundation publishes a claim, the bloggers weigh in with charges of inconsistency and falsification.
Of course this is not a theory, for a falsification thesis of a theory is not itself a theory.
In other words, you can't know it because you can't demonstrate that it is true in spite of potential falsification.
Scientific theories are subject to evidence and falsification, not proof.
So, sceptics report the number to say how far we've got towards this falsification.
Indeed, one could ask if anything has been learned of the falsification part of the story.
Any idea set beyond the envelope of falsification is also set outside the envelope of science.
We can't get much further in theory without the experimental confirmation or falsification it provides.
Incidentally falsification is the usual demarcation line between scientific statements and non-scientific statement.
Falsification is a critical goal in any science, yet falsification of sociologically based theories of crime has yet to happen.
Criminal prosecutions of the parents involved in the alleged address falsification appear to be rare, but not unprecedented.
Falsification of any educational requirement will result in a withdrawal of an employment offer or termination of employment.
Such falsification or concealment are grounds for severe disciplinary action and/or legal action.
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