false alarm in a sentence

Example sentences for false alarm

Instead, when nearby monkeys dropped their food and ran, the one that had sounded the false alarm moved in to scoop up the bounty.
Perhaps at that point, law enforcement personnel might have had reason to believe that this was a false alarm.
If the home-loving citizen would sit down and think about it, he would realize that this is a false alarm.
They were afraid, they believed they were in danger, though maybe it was all a false alarm.
And half of these thefts involved a false alarm that fooled the target into seeking cover from a non-existent threat.
After a false alarm which turned out to be a transmission from an aircraft, no signals of extraterrestrial origin were reported.
It took eight minutes to conclude that it was a false alarm.
Hiller helps the ever-widening group of robbers to outsmart the bank's security system by staging one false alarm after another.
He did not want to sound a false alarm, but the consequences of smallpox could be staggering.
They called off their response to the reported incident after it turned out to be a false alarm.
It was a false alarm, and service on all lines was restored by early afternoon.
One false alarm that never comes to the firehouse is the dinner call.
To equate the sounding of a false alarm or the direct incitement of violence with the shouting of an insult is specious.
Thank you for taking the first step in false alarm prevention.
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