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It was a pigeon coop, abandoned long ago, and it was falling to the ground.
The falling ice stirs the bay waters, bringing nutrients to the surface that the gulls dive to devour.
We stand admiring the falling fake snow and flashing lasers.
We see snow falling softly outside, white petals against the enveloping night.
Water drums: listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.
My point was to see a numerical model for a falling ball would be similar to the time and distance from the video.
It moves forward by falling and then catching itself, powered by gravity.
You'll barely see a tree without sawdust falling off.
Afflicted birds become awkward and disoriented, flying into objects and falling off their roosts.
The guillemot, a seabird that depends on ice, is losing its habitat and falling prey to polar bears desperate for food.
Caffeine blocks the hypnotic effect of adenosine and keeps us from falling asleep.
The wire service notes that some professional astronomers say the phenomenon could be caused by debris from a falling satellite.
Sarmiento equates the sinking nutrients in the ocean to leaves falling off trees.
Its tail allows a gecko to balance when falling from a tree or climbing a slippery wall.
She attributed the falling rates to a government crackdown on illegal logging.
Another possibility is that red-hot debris from the falling asteroid or comet triggered global wildfires.
The hairs on their feet let them walk on the surface of the water without falling in.
Even if an asteroid comes close, the sky isn't falling.
Falling rain, leaf shadows, the bloodied pelt of an arrowed monkey-all appear dipped in shivery tones of silver.
He points to the snow, which is falling thickly now.
The meandering path continues to widen the valley floor as falling sediment forever alters the course and builds up a river plain.
More likely is that hot ash and block of lava falling on snow and glacial ice will produce mudflows.
With oil prices falling to the lowest level in almost a year, a drop in gasoline prices is sure to follow.
Falling fertility in poor and middle-income societies is a boon in and of itself.
And though mortality rates for newborns are falling, progress is much faster in some regions than others.
Countries with free-falling currencies, burst housing bubbles and a heavy reliance on finance and trade will also suffer.
Falling prices mean there are bargains to be had for those prepared to take on a used luxury car and its high running costs.
Demand for oil is still falling, as the world economy atrophies.
For purposes of contrast, think of administrators as falling into one of those two types.
We have all heard disaster stories of foreign campuses forced to close and of offshore ventures falling afoul of host governments.
Textbook sales are falling at many university presses, a trend that has accelerated in the past couple of months.
Despite some initial interest, search committees proved not to be falling all over themselves to embrace my expertise.
Any dynamic library collection is battered in the line of duty by chewing dogs, falling rain, and trips to the beach.
Others in the distance-education community accuse them of falling over the cliff.
Colleges are caught between falling revenue from many sources and rising costs for services.
Interest rates keep falling but they are not reflected in consolidation packages.
Only with proper diversification can adjuncts withstand the falling ax of budget cuts and layoffs.
Weirdly satirical parody, also about the danger of falling prey to our own fictions.
One of my coworkers had his hand shattered by a falling barrel.
State support for higher education has decreased in part due to falling revenues.
The falling piston presses the water out of the other side in a constant stream.
He quipped that he could get falling-down drunk without harm, being so close to the floor.
Wire mesh covers the ceiling to prevent big pieces from falling into the roadways or hitting miners.
Water levels are falling at an average rate of three feet per year.
Each indentation has been cut by a waterfall falling from the plateau above.
Streams of falling water tend to clump into droplets as surface tension attracts globules of liquid in midair.
As soon as her instructor's dissecting knife cuts into the cadaver's skin, a medical student swoons, falling to the floor.
Rescuers and troops worked frantically to clear roads turned to rubble by the powerful quake or blocked by falling rocks and mud.
Global warming would result in more snow on glaciers, and falling sea level.
Researchers have produced robots that, while falling far short of the ideal, can do some remarkable things.
Farmers were told to irrigate the land only when the instruments showed that the moisture content was falling.
Researchers worry that a sharp spike in oil prices would follow such a peak unless counteracted by falling demand.
Quite a few do end up falling in, but a large percentage grow for decades in this fashion.
It is a bone you could equate to a keystone of an arch-the stone that keeps an arch from falling in on itself.
The friction between rising vapor and falling droplets allows clouds to float.
Frequent hot bathing causing for wrinkle the skin and falling of the hair.
And they found that a spiral of air develops on top of each falling seed's wing.
The drop hollows out the stone not by strength, but by constant falling.
The abbacy falling vacant, he was raised against his will to that dignity.
The sacred lance instantly punished his frailty, spontaneously falling upon him, and inflicting a deep wound.
Though a tree grow ever so high, its falling leaves return to the root.
Since the recession began, labor market participation has been falling.
With house prices still falling, it's natural that we're still talking about a program to do principal write-downs on home loans.
Prices, especially farm prices, had been falling even when the economy was growing strongly.
Digital sales are growing, but not as fast as traditional sales are falling.
He had a metal plate in his head from falling down some cement steps.
Refrigerators came loose, and stools slipped out from under the patrons who clung to the countertop to keep from falling.
Falling off and breaking your neck is a melodramatic way to make the point.
So concentrated is the quiet that the slow zigzag of a leaf falling from the canopy captures everyone's attention.
She caught her foot on a root, falling heavily to the ground.
Eleven minutes later, a frail sunny rain is falling.
If they are simmered gently in the soup, they can be removed without falling apart.
He seems particularly obsessed with falling, or the fear of falling.
He wrote no music for a year and began falling into a depression.
The music evokes the song's name, revolving around three circling and falling piano arpeggios.
Instead of this key refinery or that port falling, it's this square or that compound.
Her name came to the writer at night as he was falling asleep.
It's cold, and flakes are always falling, but people wear summer clothes.
He was hunched and dried-out, with random wisps of white hair falling over his ears and neck.
The second, on the hotel's thirtieth floor he peeked from the balcony and knew falling.
Two small segments of the falling stream don't fall in lockstep.
But his feet had been falling asleep, and he had a tingly feeling in his hands.
Into this hole stars and star-stuff are always falling-a lot of stuff, the equivalent of a hundred million suns so far.
Searching through hundreds of entries-as many as nine falling on a single day-you try to find an uncommitted hour.
Into this hole stars and star stuff are always falling-a lot of stuff, the equivalent of a hundred million suns so far.
In fact, the tower came within a touch of falling down.
So the actual target areas where these falling satellites can do any damage are understandably small.
Maybe they argue that the hole is not the root cause of people falling, it's gravity.
These images showed where rain was falling, when it was falling, and the rainfall intensity.
What you perceive as a rising drop of water is actually frames of many different falling drops.
The disk is made of matter swirling around the hole, eventually falling down the drain.
Wave energy systems place objects on the water's surface that generate energy by rising and falling with the waves.
Thanks to rapidly falling costs in sequencing technology, it's now possible to solve this large genetic puzzle.
Because of this, the cells use all the light falling on them.
The information allows physicians to know immediately if oxygen levels in the patient's blood are rising or falling.
Yet despite their importance, in many places around the world these grids are falling apart.
Radio waves falling on a radio antenna create electric currents at different frequencies.
First, the falling cost of hardware enables people to play with high technology without taking a large financial risk.
Finally, the interlocking shape of the object and the gripper simply prevents it from falling.
When cells are placed on the surface, they scatter the reflected light, decreasing the intensity of light falling on the detector.
He had been losing control of his body progressively, falling and hurting himself more often.
The solar deaths seem to be mostly installers falling off of roofs.
He also developed a serial habit of falling out with those close to him.
Ingrid tries to put a wedge between you and your sister, and you keep falling into her silly trap.
Except that the bottom may be falling out of the market.
Don has crossed that border too, falling into the trench.
But humans in general are highly suggestible, especially when things aren't falling into place.
Of all the customary hazards of life in a big city, the threat of falling tree branches is not one.
Several scenes expose the deplorable physical condition of the building, which is falling apart after little more than a decade.
Sleet was falling, and the road was slippery and rose in sharp bends.
Snow has been falling on the village all winter long.
By the feeble light of a candle stub, the newcomers can make out hair falling over someone's eyes.
So budget deficits kept us from falling into the abyss.
Wooden shards and slate roof tiles are falling down from above.

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