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They are ultimately composed of mortal, fallible human beings not unlike the rest of us.
In both kinds of situations, human memory is fallible.
They are as fallible and mixed up as everyone else, and often involved in outright fraud in their quest for fame and money.
Predictions of the dates of future achievements are notoriously fallible.
We now know that cannot work--experts are too fallible, and too much power corrupts.
If my judgement is unacceptably fallible, then it would be impossible for me to make that identification.
The punch-bowl approach similarly depends on fallible human beings, who may react too late or too early.
Human intervention is no less fallible than the firewall.
They die for two reasons: people are fallible, and medicine has an effect on the human body.
Much as the fine points of perception are fallible to illusion, the details of memory are fallible to suggestion.
They have a sense that all such theological understanding is pretty fallible.
Which is a problem, because my mind and my gut are completely fallible.
Those are a sound source and in no way inferior to the fallible impressions of a journalist's ear and eye.
Partly this graying of their public image is because doctors are now seen as fallible.
Scientists are fine-tuning an invention that may eventually replace not only those fallible batteries but even the recharger.
But if scientific crime-fighting is fallible and flawed, those problems rarely come to light.
And those courts, too, are presided over by fallible people with a capacity for wrongheadedness.
We are more knowledgeable compared to our ancestor but not less fallible compared to them.
Script supervisors on movie sets also realize their memories are fallible.
The reputations of scholars have been ruined after their eye was shown to be fallible.
People are fallible, and even the best people make mistakes.
Each time, the outcome in the case is based on human judgment, which is fallible.
Only in part because they are programmed by fallible human beings.

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