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In heavily infested trees, fallen pupal cases and dead adult weevils may be found around the base of the tree.
Fallen leaves, rotting fruit, and dead animals litter the ground.
Or the ephemeral artistry of pine marten tracks imprinted in newly fallen snow.
Also, rake up and destroy any remaining fallen fruit and leaves.
Clean up debris and fallen leaves around fruit trees, and remove any dried fruit from branches.
White flowers remind us of freshly fallen snow, of course.
Also, regularly clean up and discard fallen fruit, since it might harbor diseases and pests.
After the leaves have fallen, the new wood displays its yellow color all winter.
Fallen leaves and whatnot seem to fit in better on the mottled surface.
Most people are way too eager to sweep up their fallen leaves.
While the fruit looks good, many of the apples have simply fallen off the tree.
We have fallen under the spell of money, faction, and fear.
But the college had fallen behind its peers in the share of students who were from minority groups.
Tablets have been tried before, with similar fanfare, and have fallen flat.
It, too, found that depression has fallen behind anxiety among students' mental-health issues.
Imagine that driving across town, you've fallen into a reverie, meditating on lost loves or calculating your next tax payments.
We cheer for our students who need encouragement and counsel those who have fallen off track.
In the chaos immediately following the invasion, the fallen regime's records were scooped up by various parties all over the city.
Indeed, unless the reader has at once fallen into the right point of view, the more he knows the more likely he is to see wrong.
He had fallen into the way of dwelling on such conjectures as a means of tying his thoughts fast to reality.
Had it obeyed my words, it would have fallen on us to our destruction.
The past, moreover, really held models of statecraft from which his own times had fallen away.
He went on for a few steps and then he went back to find the thread that had fallen out of his hands.
But attempts to turn his stories into movies have always fallen through.
Adult twig catfish also munch on algae as well as the fallen plant matter they use for camouflage.
Not a drop of rain has fallen in months, and the only clouds come from sandstorms lashing across the desert.
Discover the saga of a fallen civilization: the rise, the monumental splendor, and the collapse.
Eight years later the number had fallen below a hundred.
They alight, grow, and flower on branches or in the notches of fallen trees.
All the rest have fallen short for one reason or another.
Emissions of nitrogen compounds, however, have not fallen as steeply.
The villa and its inhabitants have fallen on harder times since.
First, the water collects in the upraised scoop until one hundredth of an inch of rain has fallen.
But traditionally, such responsibilities have fallen to local and regional officials.
Another is that the concept has fallen somewhat out of favor.
Whether logging or clearing land for agriculture, the bulk of the world's forests have fallen to crops, cattle or younger trees.
The device seems to have fallen short, however, in predicting the exact hour of an eclipse.
Baloney, the sun's output was rising to a maximum and now has fallen into a minimum as temperatures have cooled.
Since then my risk taking has fallen to almost zero.
The animals that visited the dry river bed were feasting on fermented fruit fallen from a tree growing in the area.
Natural selection had fallen out of favor, in particular over the matter of animal coloration.
The elements of a picture were there, he sensed, but they had not fallen into place yet.
Don't get me wrong: snow is quite pretty when it's freshly fallen.
In general, my rule is that if the snow is freshly fallen it's pretty safe to eat.
At this date, the daguerreotype process had fallen from favor and general use.
The cost of telecommunications has fallen worldwide.
The theory holds that executives of companies don't cut pay, even when demand for labor has fallen.
Many of these monuments have fallen by the wayside over the years as other wars took prominence in the national spotlight.
My children behind her house played in a silted pond poking sticks at the slow carp that flashed in the fallen sunlight.
Factory employment has fallen by roughly the same fraction.
Already he felt as if he'd lost something, some beautiful perspective, some lovely dream fallen away.
The party they had controlled for so long had fallen into the hands of extremists.
But the proportion of offenders being sent to prison each year for violent crimes has actually fallen during the prison boom.
No wonder the team's fallen apart since he got injured.
Please do not worry: many otherwise clever people have fallen for their snake oil.
No one expected serious discussion of national imperatives when the business of the day was honoring fallen soldiers.
Bush's ratings have fallen since the beginning of the year in every poll.
As flaws in early postwar studies have been addressed, estimates of mobility have fallen.
It had fallen out of a note about monetary aggregates, or some dull thing.
The buildings were gone and that was too much to bear because they couldn't be gone, they couldn't have fallen.
But previous approaches have fallen short in a variety of ways.
What's more, the pistons operate well after the pressure in the tank has fallen too low to drive a turbine.
But it has now fallen behind in many areas of emerging technology.
Prices for natural gas have fallen to historically low levels, which means that solar thermal must get even cheaper to compete.
Science and technology have fallen willingly under the dominion of money and power.
The project will also involve coordinating electric vehicle demand and automating responses to fallen power lines.
And everybody could share in the pain experienced by the families of the fallen cops and firefighters.
Occasionally it would pounce on a piece of bark that had fallen off the firewood, or a shadow.
Two years before, far away from there, she had fallen asleep without putting out the candle and had awakened surrounded by flames.
Brad stepped outside in the storm's lull, in the strangely luminous air, to see if he could spot any branches fallen on his lines.
In fact, you could argue that consumption has actually fallen less than might have been expected.
As soon as she got on with the arrangements, of course, all but the tried and true had fallen away.
She followed her father outside and understood that his career had fallen apart.
At one point today, it had fallen more than twenty per cent.
After all, many bad books have become great movies, and many great books have fallen flat on the screen.
Taxes have not been raised to pay for the war-in fact, taxes on the rich have actually fallen.
And then she told me that he'd fallen out of the window.
They carved fallen trees into rough-edged sinks and benches and turned an erect tree trunk into a huge outdoor shower.
But they could have a representative who had known the fallen four.
They weren't exactly going out, but they had definitely fallen for each other.
But in the last decade, acid rain has all but fallen off the radar.
But even as expectations have fallen, some progress has been made.
The image engraved on the lamp was a fallen gladiator.
He was on his way to the hospital, having fallen in the house.
Some of the dust would have fallen into the sun, and some would have been blown out of the solar system by solar radiation.
And when they administered the peptide to mice whose hair hadn't yet fallen out, they discovered that these mice didn't go bald.
The terrain is layered in dust, some of which has fallen in landslides and avalanches.
Not every plant or fallen tree branch need be preserved.
Unfortunately, his great insight appears to have fallen on deaf ears.
The seeker bot knows this, and so it would look for the clue of a fallen marker to predict where its target is hiding.
Snow, which had fallen a few nights before, had turned to slush.
Their message: a big iron bird had fallen from the sky-find it.
Fallen leaves and steam are the unlikely ingredients of a remarkable brand of disposable plates and bowls.
Aside from political screeds, the fallen dictator also penned two volumes of what he took to be literary works.
If anything, material hardship among single mothers and their children has fallen slightly.
The divorce rate among college-educated people has actually fallen in the past two or three decades.
In the last ten years deliveries of fresh produce have fallen by a fifth nationally.

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