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In any case pointing out the use of a fallacy is not a fallacy.
One might call it the new biographical fallacy, born of this age of too much information.
The trap is the naturalistic fallacy of ethics, which uncritically concludes that what is, should be.
But rather than marshaling logically sound arguments, he constantly commits the fallacy of begging the question.
But the error may have revealed less about media over-reaction than about another, much larger fallacy.
The grand fallacy back then was that genomics could give us the answer to everything.
Yes, there's a mountain of consistent observations out there, but remember the fallacy of affirming the consequent.
But it is certainly no more a fallacy than any other form of generalization and induction.
Yet in broad terms, all have been misled by a similar fallacy.
He claims he did not commit the etymological fallacy.
It's a big fallacy that higher exchange rate will make foreign goods cheaper for the poor.
Sir, your reasoning is a common fallacy of the rich world's view about developing countries or continents.
Sorry, it's a fallacy that printing money creates wealth.
The article's eco-cities are, to me, a similar fallacy.
It is implied that there is a logical fallacy here, or an error in the scientific process.
Not sure where you could have come up with this one obvious fallacy.
There is nothing wrong with pointing out a logical fallacy.
Comparing conjecture to experimentally verifiable facts set forth by his genius is a fallacy.
SA commits a fallacy in combining two different topics.
His is also a collection of negatives, a logical fallacy if there ever was one.
Failing to recognize this is the fallacy of self-exclusion.
My mind explodes with every logical fallacy you have put forth.
They employ fallacy and conspiracy to sow seeds of fear and distrust, and then cry when someone labels them for what they are.
Some still show the horse evolution fallacy that was removed from the museums years ago.

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