fall guy in a sentence

Example sentences for fall guy

Your job is to be a fall guy, but also a cheerleader and protector.
Drinking might thus be a mere artifact, the fall guy for some other, as yet unknown culprit.
Still the safety guy is the fall guy if anything goes wrong.
They needed a fall guy for when the scandal inevitably came to light.
The act has been missing one key element: the fall guy.
The collocation fall guy has been much in the news lately.
No one wants to be the fall guy for denying a reduced speed.
Or, to youngsters who listened as the sounds of adulthood drift out: raucous bar talk and regulars ribbing the local fall guy.

Famous quotes containing the word fall guy

That's the convenient part about a fall guy: once you've got him hooked, you've always got him hooked.... more
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