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Fake crying and pretend laughing are among the earliest.
They can fake it: pretend that they are right because they know that the admission of uncertainty and weakness is a career killer.
One year she arrived with a fake cast in order to pretend she had broken her leg.
Few can tell the difference between a well-made fake and the real thing.
But there's been little discussion to date of how a fake inscription might impact the claims to that area where mosques now stand.
People who fake symptoms of mental illness can convince themselves that they genuinely have those symptoms, a new study suggests.
We stand admiring the falling fake snow and flashing lasers.
Sure, you can look at the motion of an object to show it is fake.
One buyer said she had had a set of brooches examined by an independent appraiser who judged them fake.
More constructively: do not fake your way through an interview as practice.
So steer clear of the fake designer handbags and computer software, however tempting the prices.
Fake medieval paintings now completely covered four of its pages.
So even if you knew which story was fake ahead of time, the show would still be worth watching.
There are many complaints of teachers' using fake excuses to skip work each year.
There's even a template to create a fake funeral program.
These are supplied by an ecclesiastical talent agency complete with fake ordination papers, should anyone bother to ask.
Here is a great video showing a fake bug circus that charges a phone.
And there's no guarantee that all those who read or heard about a fake announcement will get to hear that it was in fact a hoax.
It's fake bonding, parents can't recognize their newborns until they get to know them.
The fake retains the original's self-winding internals and deep-sea-diver design.
The student, who was reportedly showing the fake dynamite to a friend, did not appear to threaten anyone.
Z's perception of his own popularity was as fake as he is.
The first photos of him released were later admitted to be fake.
Along with the diplomas, the company also provided fake transcripts and phony letters of recommendation.
Modern technology is making it tough for even the expert to spot a fake.
Kick your costume-mandatory dance party into high gear by filling the dance floor with heaps of fake fog.
Scientists develop fake tanning lotions that will look more natural and help prevent skin cancer.
But a new method of identification may prove much harder to evade with fake body parts.
One tunnel held four fake tomato plants, the other four genuine plants.
People buy fake college degrees and use them to get jobs and, in some cases, visas.
If you are going to pay to go to a fake conference you should stick with the original fake conference.
The three fake meteorites will not be moving as fast and will not experience such high temperatures as do genuine ones.
In multiple trials, she hid a wireless speaker in a fake tree trunk near each group of elephants, then drove away.
She probably got away with tens of thousands of dollars from fake payroll checks.
The hat with the fake bottom, which conceals a rabbit.
Some unscrupulous drivers will claim not to have change, and will even swap your legitimate cash for fake bills.
Because you could as easily fake that there is a bomb.
Virtual worlds offer millions of online visitors the chance to ride a dragon or build a fake real estate empire.
And two-thirds of the subjects did not recall seeing the fake fight.
Horton claims she's not being taken seriously because of her education and occupation, not because her painting is a fake.
Then the painting, whether real or fake, melted from view again.
Though a prevalent ploy in nature, the fake-eye look isn't foolproof.
But don't get too smug, alternative medicine devotees: fake acupuncture worked nearly as well as the real thing.
Right now, you can click a box when a fake music video comes up and even suggest an alternative.
The gang members allegedly created a fake online advertising agency that fed malicious online ads to legitimate sites.
But that is a question the fake meritocracy studiously avoids.
His extraordinarily riveting images are as fake as images made by a painter.
There is no blame on a professor for posting fake answers on the web.
All fake, all permanent, all needing only a little dusting to adapt to their new and loving environment.
When some one fake experiments to support such theories, he is praised.
Even fake animals and dead animals are the unit's responsibility.
As for the cement-block problem, it is common to fake and live plants.
My stepfather has kept a decades-long chronicle of his fake career.
They say it was a fake item in the papers, made up to increase circulation.
Yet, even if the movie is a fake as a fight picture, it's still a decent commercial entertainment.
She had drawn up a fake gun permit to illustrate her desire.
The only thing he seemed to be suffering from was the boredom from having to fake illness on a beautiful spring afternoon.
The sword duels usually look fake, slowly choreographed.
Fake clocks drive their narrative worlds: countdowns and alibis, crime scenes.
Everything is fake, but the tourists enjoy the illusion that they are experiencing another world.
But further research reveals this to be a fake, possibly taken from a historical novel about the orator.
If you say it is fake you have to say the part of him going down the ramp is fake as well.
That's right, the colors in many familiar photographs of the cosmos are fake.
Slate mixed doctored photos of these fake events with other photos of real ones, and asked the readers which they remembered.
In a blinded test, researchers don't know whether they are giving patients the drug being tested or fake medicine.
So far, the main flaw with the fake arm is that it's not quite as fast as a real one yet.
No experience with tinned jackfruit, but maybe the waxy stuff you have tried is fake.
Fake charities are one of the main categories of scam.
If you're not really that smart, but can fake it, go work for a company that makes something or produces a genuine service.
He had a financial interest in some lawsuits, he created a fake paper, the journal allowed it to run.
Not even that gem could coax a fake smile from his charge.
My own goal, on a personal level, is to help audiences see that magic doesn't need to be something that appears fake.
At first they do this casually, leaning their arms against the fake leather of the back seat so that their hands touch.
When he was taken to the hospital for injuries, a fake name was used.
If you were to deposit the check and wire the money, your bank would soon learn that the check was a fake.
Fake online coupons are becoming a growing problem, shortchanging both shoppers and businesses.

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