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Make no mistake, there are many people who faithfully review almost everything that they are asked to look at.
Yet, as anyone trying to live faithfully in this world knows full well, there is no faith without doubt.
Readers expect a short review to faithfully report, not expound upon, the results.
People who faithfully attended instructional sessions definitely had better weight loss.
When they are found to work, they would be adapted before adopted faithfully, albeit often at best only close approximations.
The game faithfully reproduces the game art and the game play presentation is on a wooden table.
No matter how slowly they moved, no matter what approach they tried, the cameras clicked on faithfully and caught them.
He discusses how our senses inform our brain, and how these methods sometimes fail to represent reality faithfully.
Cultures are faithfully replicated when individuals are thoroughly socialized within similar cultural environments.
It's extremely well done, and the visual representation tracks the music faithfully while adding its own imaginative dimension.
The newspapers faithfully reported the study's findings.
She never gave up, and faithfully gets screened every since.
My business as a reviewer was, first and foremost, to summarize the thrust of the book as faithfully as possible.
Entertaining as all this faithfully recorded talk may be, there is something a bit eerie about it, too.
The result is a gallery of contemporary portraits, faithfully reproduced, and tempered with wit.
The law requiring seats for saleswomen, generally ignored, was obeyed faithfully in this establishment.
He set them an example of that piety which they faithfully imitated.
Beneath a clouded sky it faithfully remembers the sunshine.
Blessed is he who walks faithfully in obedience to another.
The other faithfully complied, and was freed from his enemy.
If you are of a certain age, you remember the metal lunchboxes you faithfully toted to school every day.
It faithfully delivered after a lonely night in my freezer.
The commissioner shall be an attorney at law and shall be sworn faithfully to discharge the commissioner's duties.
He shall see that all ordinances, bylaws, and resolutions of the legislative authority are faithfully obeyed and enforced.
To see that the city departments, boards, commissions and officers faithfully perform their duties.
To faithfully serve the public, the notary public must be knowledgeable about his or her responsibilities.
With this tool, he can fulfill his duty of ensuring that the laws are faithfully executed.

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