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Example sentences for faithful

He was obedient, loyal, a faithful officer of a great state.
He gave the name to his accurate, faithful and loving observation of nature.
As priests poured holy water on the sacred statues, the faithful rushed to catch drops.
All of them rely on the beliefs, devotion, yearnings and financial commitment of a roomful of the faithful.
Who are faithful to the cause, and not to people with whom you merely have a history.
Faithful companions who help us find our way in the world-and into a trio of happy endings.
They do get old and then the faithful hen gets cooked.
Whatever the spring's source, the faithful keep coming.
As long as this led to electoral success, the party faithful were happy.
But when it comes to fungi-which supply the orchid with nutrients-the flowers are much more faithful.
Because they are so faithful to a single site, year after year, it is also easy for people to grow attached to them.
Easy virtue-a preposition propositions a verb and off it goes as an adverb, leaving the faithful phrase behind.
He had watched her speak to a rally of her faithful.
Bluebird pairs are faithful and use the same territories year after year.
These activities threaten the survival and faithful replication of chromosomes and, consequently, of the cells housing them.
And thanks to you, faithful readers, for showing up every day and inputting your data into a tidy form.
She now turns her mind to summer and its discontents, and has questions for her faithful readers.
His faithful media at first made light of his wounds, describing them as scratches and predicting his rapid return.
In the middle of all this my faithful fedora blew off into the stream and up into the pool above me.
So far, our physical universe has been faithful to mathematical descriptions.
Today we've got a great giveaway for our faithful readers.
People can be stellar academics and thinkers and spiritually faithful at the same time.
The faithful say he has made all this dull stuff sparkle.
The voodoo faithful serve these spirits, which have great powers.
The histrionics of the global warming faithful is always good for a laugh.
The world may not be waiting, but a handful of faithful microbiologists certainly will.
Meet other faithful fathers, from deer mice to water bugs.
The faithful didn't trust the concept and avoided it.
Artwork depicted the historical sagas and biblical tales for the illiterate faithful.
For the faithful fearing the dilution of a company built on a reputation for racing, fear not.
Thank you for your faithful support and understanding.
Their remains would be secretly gathered up by the faithful.
More and more, the faithful are flocking to pilgrimage sites on and off the beaten path.
The ashes of more than a hundred faithful companions are buried in the flower-filled garden.
Not quite human, maybe, but inhumanly faithful and highly attentive to my needs.
Even spouses who are faithful to their husbands or wives are at risk if that fidelity is not reciprocated.
The model is then removed or melted away, leaving a mold that can be reused to create faithful replicas of the original.
We do not always want a faithful representation of reality.
Solid stainless steel axles and fasteners ensure faithful service for generations to come.
It didn't matter that you couldn't get faithful piano or violin sounds out of the thing.
The necessity of having to be completely faithful to current events bored me, frankly.
The faithful believe its waters are cleansing, but science tells a different story.
The process is not faithful, however, so some modifications slip through.
Each of the books will be a faithful reprint of the original content and art, but receive a new cover design.
Browse the help section, and you'll find an invitation for the faithful to email him.
She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart.
Health foundation board members and legions of faithful alike can believe whatever they wish to be true.
Her own feckless campaign and total lack of enthusiasm by the majority party's faithful adherents.
Her lover, to keep her faithful, gives her a jealous dog.
And almost everything is completely faithful to your memories while being much, much better than you remembered.
It is the bishops who are coercing their will on the faithful.
The problem with testosterone-fuelled males is that they are less likely to remain faithful to their partners.
The look is funky enough to please the brand's faithful, yet mainstream enough to appeal to a variety of buyers.
Of course it was polo which was chiefly of interest to ourselves, the only onlookers being the members of our faithful families.
While his followers sing along, he executes choreographed jumps, leaps and twists that the faithful try to copy.
Carefully but critically, for it's simply not an option to be totally faithful to a fat novel.
But when it's time to work a room and press the flesh of the faithful, he knows how to crack a smile.
The fate of the nation then lies in the hands of the faithful.
Sacred texts and sermons have long promised such rewards to the faithful.
The writer-director often invests his scripts with the sort of advice a concerned clergyman might give the wandering faithful.
They deserve our faithful company for one long, boring visit.

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