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Fairness also shows up as an animal spirit, influencing thousands of decisions in ways that part company with standard theory.
Fairness is generally not thought of as a single notion.
Even if economists know that fairness matters, too little of their work reflects it.
Our reputation for fairness and objectivity depends on strict adherence to this principle.
Life may not be fair, but humans have a strong bias for fairness.
Bill's problem with his employer's oversight was not so much ego, as a matter of his deeply ingrained sense of fairness.
Take economic profit versus psychological fairness as an example.
Presumably, the government wants to maintain the appearance of complete fairness.
Fairness becomes subjective when one takes one's talents and skills out into the workplace, or creates one's own employment.
Different countries will always strike different compromises between efficiency, fairness and simplicity.
In all fairness medical and human services is number two.
In traditional fairness the state treated everyone equally.
But, in fairness to the discussion, there are other points you need to address.
Distributive versus procedural theories of fairness.
To insure fairness and consistency to all candidates, do not submit materials other than those identified below.
It is diametrically opposed to decency, intelligence, and fairness.
At minimum, such candidates should be treated with professionalism and fairness.
It is about an image of work and fairness to the university.
The lopsided outcome cast fresh doubts on the strength and strategy of the opposition, as well as the fairness of the vote.
Tying executives' pay ceilings to workers' salary floor is an internationally established principle of fairness.
The reason for this was ostensibly in the interest of fairness to all candidates.
They only advertise because they have to in order to maintain the illusion of fairness.
It leaves a sour taste in the mouths of those who truly believe and try to achieve fairness.
There are strong arguments on either side about the fairness of the ban.
Civil rights and consumer groups have long been concerned about the cost, fairness and accessibility of financial services.
His fairness won him a hearing and his good-will gave him effectiveness.
It was treated with great respect and fairness to all sides.
Honesty is a crucial piece of what a scientific community needs to do its knowledge building together, but so is fairness.
And digital music, again in all fairness, isn't necessarily cheaper.
Fairness for the farmer seemed to mean injustice for the eater.
Fairness for the eater seemed to mean injustice for the farmer.
Summers was equally doubtful of the idea that fairness required the government to bail out every struggling industry.
In fairness, he might also have mentioned that the quest was not inherently ridiculous.
In fairness, that was mostly true in our experience.
Strive for fairness or demonstrate allegiance to a cause to get the best results.
More people should speak out about this for fairness sake.
And, in fairness, another company has a similar approach with positive data.
In fairness, remember that that could be due to seasonal factors if one image was taken during winter and the other in summer.
The more racism, the more power the left demands for social interventions that go beyond simple fairness under the law.
But the more important reason for it is to uphold a sense of fairness.
On its face, the political debate is about illegal immigration--law, security and fairness.
He was preternaturally honorable, uncynical, with a chronic disposition toward fairness.
These are strange and turbulent times, but issues of fairness, equality and protection of the poor have never been more important.
But, in all fairness, he hasn't played for awhile and we've got to be a little patient.
Their brains weren't simply wired for self-interest, but for fairness all around.
Determine the fairness of taxes in a regressive, progressive, and proportional tax system.

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