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The blocks are faced with faux stone, which comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes and is fairly easy to install.
They also had to be fairly deer-proof, since four-legged herbivores easily outnumber people around here.
Hydrangeas grow best in areas where winters stay fairly mild, and they bloom over a long period in summer.
The towel needs to be fairly taut across the top of the bowl to prevent it from sagging into the water.
Besides orb-weaving spiders, three kinds of creatures make fairly noticeable webs on fruit trees.
It is doubtful, in fact fairly certain, that it will not come true from seed and would be better propagated via offsets.
Truly soft wines tend to come from top vineyards, so are fairly expensive.
All three are fairly strenuous because of the steep return climb.
Marriage proposals in ballparks have become fairly common, usually with fans popping the question on scoreboards.
Despite its obvious poverty, it seems fairly law-abiding.
Both countries come fairly high on the list of countries that lose working days to labour disputes.
The reason is a row over a fairly small amount of tax.
But nobody trusts the outlook for profits or dividends while the economic data continue to be fairly dreadful.
Even those who are fairly sure of what they want can find the business of deciding to apply to business school daunting.
Despite a fair degree of uncertainty it turns out to be a fairly efficient market.
Many of the resources are spread across the continent fairly evenly, leaving miners with a choice about where to go.
For those of you not familiar, the basic idea is fairly simple.
It's fairly clear these days that watches are meant for decoration, and not for traditional horological purposes.
Endless radio talk time is expended, coordinating fairly routine operations.
It would have been a fairly simple matter for someone to finance a loan for a locker facility.
Small, thin-skinned varieties are generally cultivated for consumption while the carving pumpkins are fairly bland.
Children-though by no means all of them-tend to be fairly picky eaters.
As this can happen naturally, green diamonds are fairly common, though large ones are not.
They are fairly social and are typically found in pairs or in family groups or small flocks.
Their meat is fairly tough and not widely eaten, but they are prized as game fish.
Generally found in fairly extensive wetland environments.
Fairly short tail, thick at base, gradually tapering.
Most hammerhead species are fairly small and are considered harmless to humans.
Cardinals are fairly social and join in flocks that may even include birds of other species.
The short-tailed weasel, active day or night, may be fairly common at times but is seldom seen.
But they circle fairly close to their star, taking roughly two days to complete their orbits.
Night-flying bats are famous for their use of echolocation-bouncing sound waves off objects at fairly close range.
Logan and his team have discovered how to tap into this unorthodox energy source using a fairly simple contraption.
As a photographer, one of the great challenges is trying to be creative under fairly stressful conditions.
Fireballs this size are fairly common, he added, appearing on average once every few months.
The picture which appears in several manuscripts of the author aiming his arrows at the world fairly represents its scope.
It is long and formless, though the style is clear and the history fairly faithful.
These, and the scientific, are the sort of neologism that may fairly be welcomed.
Learning could only be fairly and finally met by learning.
Luckily, my campus has a fairly robust recruiting program through which many employers come to campus to interview students.
They must be able to find the information fairly easily.
High-school standards are typically fairly low, guaranteeing that the vast majority of students will graduate.
Cross-country moves are obviously more expensive than a regional relocation, and this cost can be estimated fairly well.
One area where it's fairly easy to gather data is your e-mail inbox.
Hospitals that do research on children have panels that are supposed to ensure the youngsters are treated safely and fairly.
If you believe that it matters one wit what one economist or another calls him- or herself, you are fairly deluded.
Each island has its own wake, which dissipates fairly quickly.
Sonic booms can occur in fairly routine settings: for example, it is a sonic boom you hear when a whip cracks.
It seems that it would be fairly simple to test this, such as with a visual barrier between the pages.
It's a fairly common practice to help certain endangered species in the wild by providing them with extra food or prey.
It turns out that it is fairly easy to trick us into thinking that someone is looking somewhere else.
Until fairly recently, the medium seemed a cold, static reservoir of gas quietly waiting to condense into stars.
The pottery used to store grain and beer was durable but fairly fragile-hardly suitable to a nomadic lifestyle.
RE is fairly simple cheap machines that are not rocket science.
In contrast, when the tick isn't feeding, the population is fairly homogeneous.
When cooking with them, the tannins fairly leap out of the skins, and in goes the sugar to achieve balance.
It is fairly fragrant, but inclined to be tart and cloudy.
The crust is typical of this kind of pie, that is, it must be of a sort fairly resistant to moisture.
Three rites fairly generally observed in gourmet dinners involve promptness, drinking, and smoking.
Wines for this dinner should be fairly light in character.
Oysters grown this way are fairly uniform in size and shape.
Although the appellation is fairly new, the special area it covers has always been recognized for the quality of its wines.
Until recently, severe spinal cord injuries came with a fairly definite diagnosis of paralysis, whether partial or complete.
For a while, those projections proved fairly accurate.
The role of computer networks would appear to be fairly straightforward: to ferry data from one point to another.
Moving water is fairly straightforward on the human scale: a pump or a bucket will usually do the trick.
But paper diagnostic tests have thus far been limited to fairly simple reactions.
The trend of the last sixty years has been the fairly relentless improvement of the human condition.
Most genetic variation discovered to date accounts for a fairly small percentage of the overall risk of disease.
For objects with odd shapes, calculating electromagnetic-field strength in a conducting fluid is still fairly complicated.
Once you do that, selling to the electricity sector can be made fairly easy.
That's fairly well understood for plain vanilla white dwarfs.
At the moment, these services tend to offer fairly rough pictures of one's origins.
Fairly straightforward changes to these signals then steer the beam.
Else the import invasion has to stop, the sooner the better, the sooner the more fairly.
Other factors, again fairly predictable ones, are price and comfort.
We hear them every night, see them fairly often-usually at a distance, normally running.
Told in a different idiom, hers could be a fairly humdrum narrative.
For years, a rule against copying your neighbor's order was observed fairly strictly.
In other democracies, legislation gets made in a fairly straightforward way.
And you pay a fairly high price to have your dog groomed and his hair cut there.
Here's a fairly amazing video of two police officers behaving in ways that suggest they didn't know they were being filmed.
Social play is a natural means of making friends and learning to treat one another fairly.
In this context, the definition of a conflict-of-interest is somewhat limited to treating clients fairly.
Childhood obesity is fairly contagious: if you've got an obese friend, you are more likely to be obese.
Fortunately the public has so little to say about its reading matter that one may fairly suspend judgment.
Whiptail lizards are a fairly ordinary-looking bunch, but some species are among the strangest animals around.
Most objects in the sky are fairly well scattered, separated from each other.
Cocaine and heroin are generally acknowledged to be fairly dangerous chemicals to put in your body.
At the time, astronomers knew only of planets with fairly circular orbits.
If you know the weight of a mammal's body, you can make a fairly good guess about how large its brain will be.
Yet until recently, researchers thought these ubiquitous brain cells were fairly unimportant to the brain's functioning.
We can take a one-in-ten estimate, a fairly high degree of difficulty.
Summers are clear, and if you head inland a ways the weather can be highly conducive for clear skies fairly often.
The recognition that they may have had music suggests they probably had fairly well-developed speech.
The warm, recently deposited lava is fairly obvious.
They can tell fairly accurately what a dog is trying to communicate.
Since the stars aren't trailed, this must be a fairly short exposure, not more than a few seconds.
The axons look fairly normal, but they are catastrophically damaged.
Some kinds of muscle fiber seem fairly stable and are probably inherited, but others can be converted through exercise.
For another, it developed two distinct tails, which happens in comets fairly often.
After all, comparative anatomy lab exercises should be fairly straightforward stuff.
If the intervening letters are scrambled, the reader can still identify the word fairly quickly.
Pancreatic cancer, even though it is tragic, is still a fairly rare disease with no real cure in sight.
But while the source of mad cow disease is fairly well established, no one knows how scrapie infects sheep.
The theory, which is fairly widely held in cognitive science, can be summarized in three propositions.
We need major tax reform that will abolish any unfair taxes, simplify the tax system, and spread the tax burden fairly.
He is neither a biologist nor a psychologist and his book takes him into some fairly technical literature.
He picked up a book that had done fairly well and then he tossed it on a pile.
Sincerity as a moral category is something fairly new.
He won them fairly, has taken them seriously, wears them lightly.
The idea of capitalism did in fact have an important role historically, but by now that usefulness may well be fairly exhausted.
Few would argue with a newspaper's right to examine such matters, or a company's right to be fairly reported.
The conventional wisdom that exercise is essential for shedding pounds is actually fairly new.
Even if supplies tighten, some specialists believe that more oil could be brought to the surface fairly quickly.
The screen fairly buckles under the image of a belching steel furnace.
Flags and fire: two fairly straightforward concepts.
He is one of a fairly rare literary species: a writer of social comedies.
If you have good light and you're at a fairly high shutter speed, it's going to be a brilliant color photograph.
They knew they could arrive on our shores and be treated fairly, and that their children would be treated fairly.
Between the bitter halt in negotiations and the onset of the picket line sniffles it had been a fairly gloomy week.
But they do have fabulous, worth-monitoring sales, and returning things is fairly easy.
Actually, before that, he was seen as a figure of fairly abject humility and modesty.
Most of them came up with fairly conventional, modern slabs.
Apparently, the price is right and the tome is fairly flying off the shelves.
They always seem fairly horrified when the lights come up at every screening.
As for the terms, they were fairly straightforward, with one exception.
Good or bad, they've all but disappeared, and the alleged hacker was arrested in fairly short order.
These are often fairly newsworthy events and it almost couldn't be easier anymore to take and upload quality video.
Many apartments and condominiums have a fairly open floor plan.
Employer-provided health-insurance coverage is fairly standard for full-time employees.

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