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Thanks to fair weather, there were no clouds to break the streaks.
The authorship question is legitimate, and describing it as a conspiracy is not fair.
As a critic of the stage, he conceived it to be his duty to be fair to the actor and to the public.
Its claim to be fair and balanced is no more than a knowing wink to its audience, and it has no higher master than the dollar.
That's both names at the same time, which seems fair enough.
It is a fair question to ask why so many people often die in disasters.
The more advanced societies are using more than their fair share.
To be fair, the latter portion of the shuttle's ascent is already pretty benign.
You're talking about upholding journal level rigor in a children's science fair.
To be fair, there are some places where such severe declines may be true.
Perhaps many of the against voters come from smaller communities with less fair mindsets.
Many of the prospective candidates find the state fair here irresistible.
But to be fair, his capacity for affection stretches farther than that, even unto another gender.
If he knows the players, he tries to make sure the sides are fair, or maybe slightly in favor of the other team.
To be fair, that's in large part because so many of your neighbors took out crazy loans.
Unlike volunteers, vendors would not get to choose their recipients, giving everyone in need of a kidney a fair shot.
Which is why free and fair elections aren't always all they're cracked up to be.
But one important accusation does seem fair, and might be starting to stick: there is no clear chain of command.
Now he is saying that he'll commit to me and make it work, and he feels bad for not giving the long distance a fair chance.
There was certainly a fair amount of conversation about technology and social media at both conferences.
That's a fair question, and not at all obnoxious if phrased politely.
His essay cites recommendations the scholarly group has made for fair standards of treatment of part-time faculty members.
For example, a contract might only be consider legal as long as it continues to be fair to both parties long after it was written.
To be fair, the report acknowledges a political dimension to the relationship between college education and employment.
But the company isn't giving up on the idea and says charging heavy users more money is only fair.
What's more, it could perform the task with a fair degree of autonomy.
To be fair, these components have fantastic build quality.
The index is a lighthearted attempt to gauge how far currencies are from their fair value.
To be fair to the management, it is usually the bank workers' representatives who insist on the break.
Trade does not have to be perfectly balanced to be fair.
Whatever the motives, such exhibits in themselves are seldom reason to visit a fair.
Graduation is three months away and students are desperate to compete for the posts on offer at a job fair.
Real solution is find a fair and reasonable way to control over population.
But these methods require a fair amount of human interaction.
Yes, the distribution of resources in the world is not fair and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.
People who were responsible for making sure the elections were fair, were bought off.
Anything that requires motion is fair game, and could be on the market in one to two years.
But then this forum seems to attract it's fair share of them.
Maybe then our financial systems will return to a fair process of investing rather than gambling.
Of course enlarging the points on the graph that the authors want you to notice isn't fair.
If you have a great idea for a project, you can register for the fair.
If you expect equal pay for equal work, you're not the only species to have a sense of fair play.
Her determined goal each year is to ensure a fair, fun, and inspiring experience for the geographic students.
Instead they'd turned her into a freak show at the county fair.
Later that summer, the same picture elicited similar accolades from the judge at the county fair.
Without immediate jumping to conclusions it is fair to say that many questions remain unanswered.
Obviously it's impossible to do a perfectly fair comparison.
To be fair, they should play other thrash metal bands to see which one is best liked by tamarins.
The profile in relation to within wedlock and out-of-wedlock differs between the groups a fair amount.
To get a fair opinion on the subject requires a considerable amount of effort.
People can and will have debates on what our role in the world should be, but its not a fair comparison.
Chiropractic has gotten more than its fair share of attention.
Let's be fair, people join churches for socializing and networking purposes.
Missing is the effect of bias at the outset on perceptions of fair review and scrutiny.
Either way it's a complicated choreography that requires a fair amount of concentration to avoid getting tripped up.
We found him invariably open-minded and fair-minded.
Since much of that work was supposed to be science it is fair to ask what has been accomplished.
It would be fair to blame government officials for failing to take appropriate action.
The manuscripts that have survived-fair copies-are models of calligraphy.
In this sense, it is fair to say that book publishing is more than a business.
Still, it is fair to say that the science of why vaccines fail is progressing at a rapid rate.
These churches clearly shaped her views on social issues, so it is fair to ask how they have shaped her views on foreign policy.
And a monkfish vindaloo was not as intriguing as it sounded, requiring more than its fair share of long-bean chutney.
To be fair, this happened before he became president.
The rental contract is for fair market value, though much less than the mortgage.
When you're single and dating, odds are you spend a fair amount of time worrying about your looks.
Whatever is fair to say about one group must be fair to say about another.

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