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Example sentences for faintly

The air in the auditorium smelled faintly of burnt herbs.
And, faintly through the puffs and splashes, the high-pitched squeaks and whistles of dolphin communication.
Faintly running through the background across the entire white cover are the words of the prayer.
The searchlight beam is faintly visible pointing aft from atop her pilothouse.
The topic was the economy, and some of the themes and patterns faintly echoed our own.
The term initially seemed to suggest something faintly indecent.
Smoke gave the cool air a faintly burned flavor, an aftertaste of ash.
Understated irony, ever so faintly tinged with melancholy, was his style.
But it was a side angle, and there were crow's-feet faintly evident at the corner of his eye.
Before then, there was something faintly disreputable about really big fortunes.
To craft a campaign against corruption into a movement around a single figure is faintly troubling.
The council's decisions reflect a faintly alarming mix of deep conservatism and hypersensitivity.
Neither name, however, expresses even faintly the fondness those cultures have for the soybean.
He is gaunt, intense-looking and faintly diabolical, as befits the author of so solemn and furious a first effort.
But few of them are in systems that even faintly resemble our own.
One also detects a faintly distorting pressure sometimes in his generalizations, which is again attributable to the personal note.

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