fainthearted in a sentence

Example sentences for fainthearted

The path to the mountain gorillas is not for the fainthearted.
It's not for the fainthearted-or the moderately skilled.
But despite its ten per cent alcohol, it seemed almost too fainthearted.
Clearly these sketching trips were not for the fainthearted.
Probably not, since the presidency was not designed for the fainthearted.
The legislation was not for the politically fainthearted.
But, once again, these technical details are not for the fainthearted.

Famous quotes containing the word fainthearted

She's just a child, but I'm the one who's fainthearted. She's the woman, but I'm the coward. She bears that... more
Get it into your head once and for all, my simple and very fainthearted fellow, that what fools call humane... more
Fortune never helps the fainthearted.... more
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