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Example sentences for fainter

In general, radio waves become fainter at a rate proportional to the square of the distance traveled.
City and suburban light pollution can be another challenge to spotting the fainter flashes.
The sculptures are as fierce as ever, the messages fainter but not subdued.
Rainbows with bigger drops will be brighter with more well-defined colors while rainbows with little drops will be fainter.
In this film, for the first time, there is taken into consideration the fact that sounds grow fainter as the object is distanced.
The previous weeks' action is an even fainter memory.
Some of the starlight still gets through, easily obscuring planets that are millions of times fainter than their parent stars.
What both groups found was that the light from distant supernovae was fainter than predicted.
To the end, in a rough and ever-fainter whisper, he condemned it.
It can also see objects ten times fainter than previous surveys.
Her blood pressure continued to drop, and her pulse was growing fainter.
The problem was, it might have been a background galaxy or another, fainter star.

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