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Many of the colleges would fail that test if they had to count military aid as federal money.
Money borrowed without security is a debt of honor which must be paid without fail and promptly as possible.
The owners and the players will lose a lot of money if they fail to come to an agreement soon.
Few corporate histories better illustrate the fact that companies can make groundbreaking products but fail to make money.
There is no question that you might fail if you try something new.
Most commenting systems that promise anonymity fail to deliver it.
But what many opponents of the project worry about is what happens if those normal operations fail.
For example, monkeys have shown signs of self-monitoring on mental tasks even though they fail the mirror test.
There are several points at which a saliva sample can fail to yield high-quality genetic data.
They become dogmatic about their specific practices and fail to question their relevance when conditions change.
When a flood comes along that's bigger than that design standard, the levee will be overtopped or fail.
Taking jelly beans one at a time, you can easily fail to realize that you favor a single color.
Some plants remain vigorous despite the infection, but others decline or fail to set fruit.
But the usual critiques fail to recognize its potential for experiential learning.
If you don't try to accomplish your dream, you fail before you start.
What this and all other articles fail to mention is that many of these people simply do not have a strong moral character.
You're more likely to stick with a tough problem, even if you fail at first.
The system may fail in large organizations because no one can obtain the big picture.
Above a certain temperature, a transformer will fail.
As much as they are testable, they fail gregariously.
Plants go dormant after bloom and need no water unless winter rains fail.
But babies born without effective nerve connections between skin and brain can fail to thrive and may even die.
Often the landowner doesn't act quickly enough or the police fail to drive out the squatters.
Bare-root plants, especially in larger sizes, sometimes fail to leaf out.
As long as the belay loop is not excessively worn, there is no chance it will fail.
Its morale becomes low, its wealth and legacy are quickly squandered and its fail is inevitable.
Many herbaceous perennials from colder regions fail here because the winters are too warm for them to go dormant.
The skills he is teaching them are not easily acquired and often they fail before they get it right.
It's amazing what people can fail to see unless they're looking for it.
The varieties described here either fail to fruit at all or bear fruit that is more decorative than tasty.
If something has too many possible fail points, you will fail it.
The varieties described here either fail to fruit at all or bear fr more add to my plant list.
In other words, the garden has to be good enough to pay its own way-or fail.
Still, their best efforts at blending in sometimes fail.
The answer is that the bank, though tiny, is too important to fail.
We would not fail a student because the student needed to re-write.
If educators are to only give out so many grades, then they must fail certain people.
If you're a guy, there are many ways you can fail to get lucky.
Many job applicants seeking academic positions in another country fail to ask about the conditions that their families will face.
Many firms' attempts to train their staff to understand cultural issues fail.
Many companies also fail to report some contingent trade-finance liabilities.
He sees statistics that fail to reflect the experiences of the campus's students.
Grand designs that posit synergies to be gained from combining disparate businesses frequently fail.
Because the prairie dog defense system is so good, predators frequently fail and must look elsewhere for dinner.
Green means they're doing well, yellow means they're faltering, and red means they might fail.
If you fail to see the humor in this, perhaps these aren't the books for you.
As a market, if not individually, they are too big to fail.
People you thought were your friends may fail to support you.
Legislation puts calories on a package but folk fail to relate how much energy is available vs what a body needs.
The cells may repair such damage, but sometimes they fail and become cancerous.
If artificial lights are present, they often head toward those lights instead and fail to reach the sea.
Even with all this equipment, some satellites still fail.
These ritual carnivals appear every year without fail and are the one place where boundaries dissolve, if only for a week.
Two years later, a horrified crowd sees the stunt artist's parachute fail.
Later, the third rocket stage would also fail to reignite.
To fail, you have to plan big huge things-that take years and tons of effort to develop-that don't work.
Mountaintop sites also create slurry ponds-artificial lakes that hold the byproducts of coal processing and that sometimes fail.
If the offense is serious enough, the student may fail the course even for a first offense.
Proposals that fail to show awareness of the work of major players or research groups do so at their peril.
Vegetarian literature, almost without fail, ends with appeals to enlightened consumers to stop eating meat.
For example, many neurons will fail to reach their targets--their axons may take a wrong turn or may terminate prematurely.
Specifically, people remember things better and longer if they are given tests so challenging that they are bound to fail.
The fine particles of ash melted inside the engines, clogging them and causing all four to fail.
Facts on divorce rates, messy divorces and so forth are poor benchmarks for understanding why any persons marriage may fail.
They can take weeks to start working, and they fail many people.
There are people who try to quit on their own and fail more than even those who repeatedly go in and out of treatment.
Most scientists would never pursue an experiment that was almost guaranteed to fail.
Over the next several decades much of these cities' ancient large scale infrastructures are likely to fail.
State governors fail to back a federal program to preserve and protect native prairie.
Blue jays sometimes store acorns in the ground and may fail to retrieve them, thus aiding the spread of forests.
But as efforts to curb them fail, the gulls get ever more aggressive.
As the cell count drops, the immune system begins to fail and opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis take hold.
It keeps you stimulated as a filmmaker to know you are trying something that might fail, that is an experiment.
When prevention and non-chemical solutions fail, organic gardeners turn to plant- and mineral-based pesticides.
The larger a bank gets, the less likely the government is to allow it to fail, and the more shielded it is from potential losses.
All businesses probably will fail eventually but they need not.
These cracks become more numerous and eventually large enough for the structure to fail.
But the home of light-touch supervision now fancies itself as the abattoir of too-big-to-fail finance.
The first is a willingness to try, fail, and try again.
And big accounting firms will refuse to audit financial statements if the company or creditors fail to provide data.
But steel alloys subjected to cyclic stress levels below their endurance limit rarely fail as a result of fatigue.
Deaths from malaria are rising as older medicines fail.
Some will thrive, some will go through the motions enough to get through and some will fail.
Cheaters continue to prosper in their own heads, even if they fail in reality.
He calls himself an unusual symptoms investigator, his term for a doctor who picks up where other doctors fail.
Those of us skeptical of these alternatives to modern medicine don't want these things to fail.
Indeed, once the gene is rare enough, it might be eliminated entirely if all its carriers fail by chance to reproduce.
Sometimes the strangeness and beauty of nature come together in a scene so lovely, so surreal, that words fail.
When a heart starts to fail, the rings become muddled, resembling those of panicking jellyfish.
Sometimes brain scans fail to identify which regions need to be removed to stop epileptic seizures.
He discusses how our senses inform our brain, and how these methods sometimes fail to represent reality faithfully.
They fail to fight off infections as they are meant to and collect dangerously in organs, blocking their functions.
The problem is as far as predicting the future goes the present climate models fail miserably.
Physicians are also trained to treat medically first and to reserve surgery for cases that fail medical management.
When neurons fail to wire correctly, our bodies and brains go awry in many ways.
There are still plenty of ways that the treatment could fail before reaching the clinic.
Should that fail, there is a second line of defense.
Lights and noises fail to stir them and there are no signs that they understand words or expressions.
Camp was erected every night without fail when in enemy territory.
Left unchecked, they can cause a structural member to fail abruptly, sometimes with catastrophic results.
But this is a security fail on a whole different level.
To fail better and more knowingly with each click of the shutter.
But it's also sad and stressful to watch a capable artist fail so publicly.
Shoulder to shoulder, they fail, the quail of her actual and the quail.
People don't want to acknowledge it, but the useful life of a tunnel does exist, and at some point they start to fail.
Even a balanced and reasonable individual is likely to fail in this situation.
Without early binocular experiences, however, these cellular mechanisms either die out or fail to develop.
Should this newest attempt fail, things will soon get serious.
Even when businesses try to improve service, they often fail.
The lack of a workable fail-safe mechanism is unconscionable.
Another approach would focus on identifying the particular vehicle models whose emission control systems are prone to fail.
Central planning can work or fail based on the ability of the people doing the planning.
True freedom cries out for such fail-safe network technologies.
And, without fail, the whole touchscreen fascination wears off within a week and they are right back to keyboards and mice.
If these deposits are removed, the techniques will fail.
Lastly, the design raises all sorts of questions over fail-safes and backups.
On no account do they ever try something that could fail.
If you sell cars, but fail to account the tires in the final product you would then pay for that mistake in loss profit.
Most of the time the endothelial cells triumph, but when they fail, cancer can develop and spread.
Some people are saying that there's a lot of noise and a lot of them are going to fail.
Indeed, one-third of all drugs fail clinical trials because of such toxicity.
The risk that the clinical trial will fail is more than balanced by the chance to sell the drug to millions more people.
If only they could be neutralized, then principals could fire those who are incompetent or fail to raise test scores.
These decisions are meeting much opposition, which is likely to fail.
No simple explanation would serve to account for this, but any attempt that neglected certain complexities would surely fail.
Not only did he fail to bag the beast, but he also alienated the natives through his condescension and incompetence.
Even if your bank does get a low rating, there generally is no way of knowing ahead of time whether it will fail.
The easiest way to cheat on one's taxes was to insist on being paid in cash, and fail to provide a receipt for services.
Also, since it is now apparently illegal to create any visual entertainments that fail to include the undead, there were zombies.
The media has too many tentacles now, and if you try to control it, you will fail.
Whether you succeed or fail is dependent entirely on you.
It is with this understanding that the government agrees to pick up the tab should they fail.
If you fail to see a distinction between a manager and an agent, that's because there barely is one.
When those systems fail, patients are often treated aggressively rather than with palliative care.

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