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Example sentences for fading

The core system employs a frequency-hopping transceiver to combat interference and fading.
Moreover, their fear of social stigma to break and be out of an unfit marriage is fading away drastically.
For the rest of eternity, it will sit inertly, slowly fading to blackness.
So, this older generation still has a role to play even though they are fading from the scene in many ways.
Bit by bit, the line between the prisoners and the non-prisoners is fading away.
There are no delicate touches, no hues imperceptibly fading into each other: the whole is lighted up with a universal glare.
Notice the fading frescoes above the covered walkway.
The entire show lasted for approximately an hour before fading away for good.
Yet no one knows the meaning of the wheels and other colorful but fading symbols.
About midnight the fading sun is a red orb hanging at the horizon.
About midnight the fading sun is a red orb banging at the horizon.
Such beliefs are fading with the tigers, recalled now only by the elderly.
The creature is dying, its color fading, its electricity ebbing.
As chlorophyll degrades and its nitrogen moves out, the fading green reveals other colors.
His vision is fading, and he is talking about getting contacts or having laser surgery on his eyes.
The painting created an experience so vivid, so visceral, that it supplanted the fading memories of the war itself.
The makeup they wear has to last all day without creasing or fading.
Ludwig went to the piles on the table and pulled out fading copies of the originals.
The fading light reduced the pine trees to ink-brush silhouettes.
Vets had recently expressed concern about his fading health.
These are genuinely bitter-sweet, if somewhat fading, memories.
The state's manufacturing industry has been fading for decades.
Signs of the regime's fading legitimacy are numerous.
If the leaf contains carotene, birch trees for example, the fading leaf changes from green to yellow.
The printer also uses a special ink that resists smudges, water and fading.
Government stimulus is fading and budget cuts at the federal level could further hamper economic growth.
Traditional arranged marriages are fading, especially in the cities.
And, according to the survey's other major finding, devotion to one clear faith is fading.
Despite insisting that she has left her partying days behind her, the fading star continues to spiral out of control.
Fading increases with the brightness of the light and the length of time in the light.

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