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Main bloom period is spring to early summer, but shearing off faded flowers may prolong flowering.
He remained at the table while everyone stood, dishes were washed, and the thought of cold roast-beef sandwiches faded.
He makes daily rounds, watering and snipping off faded blooms and damaged foliage.
As plants bloom, remove faded flowers to discourage plants from setting seed.
Remove faded blossoms to prevent them from setting seed and to ensure continued flower production.
Two faded wicker chairs were given a coat of deep red spray paint in this outdoor makeover.
The clouds spread over the valley, rolling swiftly and low, and twilight faded into a sweeping darkness.
The feet bore shoes and stockings, both brown, and the blue of a velvet coat had faded to slate.
And, when the boys thought about it afterward, they recalled that even the autumn birdsong faded as they neared the first houses.
The paintings, though somewhat faded, were remarkably well preserved.
Howe's machine faded out the mechanical process of sewing and reduced the amount of time it took to create clothing.
At the time, a university spokesman said there was no substance to the accusations, and the matter has since faded from the news.
They left the melted candles and piles of flowers, many of which had dried and faded over the past several days.
But they were not taken seriously by the academic community, and many faded from view.
But that division has now faded as an unintended side effect of information technology.
Weeping about the demise of letter writing appears to have faded into history.
It's been a few months now and the immediate thrill has faded.
What is sad is that those dreams have not faded, but they now talk about them with regret instead of hopefulness.
Yes, it was transformative for a decade or more, but over time attention to science and math education faded after a decade or so.
All of this faded over a few weeks or months, and none of it interfered with life in a significant way.
In any case, its importance diminished, the last encounter and the promise made faded from my memory.
The cracked plaster and faded paint on its high walls are covered with modern art of dubious quality.
He studied that bright new star for five months, until it faded away.
But activity in those regions had died down in the patients, indicating that their feelings had faded.
Unfortunately, he said, their sharp recall faded after around three months and their kids did not appear to benefit.
So it was quickly demonized and faded away into history.
Well, the promise of this technology must have faded.
Behaviorism slowly faded from favor since it was not supported by research.
Unfortunately a thin, pink sole is probably also a sign of social status, so going barefoot faded from advanced societies.
Summer birds with whiter head and worn and faded wings, contrasting with newer mantle.
Everything there feels worn from the wind and faded from the sun and salt water.
Animals are rarely served whole, and innards are not considered worth marketing and have faded from the inventory of edible foods.
The parchment has yellowed with age, and the colors mostly have faded or flaked off.
As the earthquake faded from the world's headlines, its miseries persisted.
He takes a long-term approach, preferring to return again and again to a place long after the headlines have faded.
Hours earlier, as daylight faded, thousands crowded into a huge outdoor sports complex.
Drawing all that attention to her faded gem of a movie palace attracted more funding to restore it.
And by the end of the summer your bathing suit had completely faded in color.
The anarchists, who were a political presence here a hundred years ago, have faded into history.
The tanning took a few weeks to kick in and faded after a few weeks.
In his hand is a felt-backed shoulder board, its green fabric faded nearly to gray.
In his books he launched a new kind of medical advertising that would survive for centuries, even as his cures faded from memory.
In seconds the kids were taillights that faded away.
Although the symptoms of frostbite and neuralgia have faded, the wonder of the expedition has not.
The fair meek blossom that grew up and faded by my side.
All other visions have faded: all other voices are stilled.
Her form faded with grief, till at last all her flesh shrank away.
Materials failed to produce bright images, for example, or the images faded quickly.
Though it still has a large audience, its star has steadily faded.
Vinyl records became the niche product in the corner, then gradually faded away completely.
But memories of their captive homelands became faded and rosy.
The economy may yet avoid recession, but hopes of a quick, strong bounce-back have faded.
Many clasp faded, dog-eared photos of relatives they have not seen in years, even decades.
With the fall of communism a decade ago, hopes of freedom rose, then faded.
By then the memory of the generous price rise had faded, and the new tax seemed alarming.
As doubts about whether countries would get to the altar faded, so yields in government-bond markets converged.
This, they claim, shows that the risk of the economy overheating has faded.
The mural of a coral reef, which has been there even longer, is faded.
But the shop windows are mostly dusty, the signs faded, and there are few signs of new businesses.
Since then, the fad has faded even faster than your correspondent expected.
Nevertheless, as private-sector unions have faded, public-sector ones have thrived.
But at the weak end of the gradient, where the students' conscious recall had faded to zero, the signal was still there.
The perfect combination of faded light, outdated coloring, and nostalgia seems to make them more beautiful with age.
Then it faded away, a murky incident in a confusing war.
The town was never a bright light, and what economic shine it once had has since faded.
The mighty two-hundred-foot cliffs of the shore faded into the few bright stars.
Features faded screen printed secondary team logo for combination of retro cool and modern looks.
Showed quick surge early in his career but that's faded the past two seasons.
It spiked briefly in the past two presidential campaigns, but quickly faded.
Perry doesn't take his boot off till a year after the votes have been counted and the opponent has faded into oblivion.
The sky is always an intangible, faded blue, and the forest surrounding the clearing is dark green.
The term cherry phosphate has a lovely, faded, elegiac ring to it.
The sunshine faded, flashed again, and disappeared for the day.
After the wind faded, the grains settled, and the desert became absolutely quiet.
The landmarks had changed over the decades, and memories had faded.
The rowdy, youthful exuberance of a new nation has faded.
But as the stimulus faded, further stimulus has not been forthcoming, and we've snapped back.
Over the next few months his melancholia faded somewhat.
In others, the ridge patterns in the fingerprint were accentuated and the parchment all but faded away.
The matter of the botched prosecution faded from public view.
The movie is a faded, forlorn thing, and a real missed opportunity.
As the commercial faded, she held up two fingers in the anti-war salute.
Her eyes had faded from cornflower to forget-me-not.
Representative government of, by, and for the people is now a faded memory.
However, with time and routinization, this engagement and understanding faded.
He's dressed in faded cutoffs and a denim work shirt.
And yet already it has acquired the burnish of faded grandeur.
The term has faded from public consciousness-but not the environment.
She nodded slightly, and then her smile faded and a wary look came into her eyes.
Another thousand feet and your surroundings have faded to a dim bluish-gray twilight.
It expanded from a stationary point in the sky and then faded.
He knew about the power of the hype, because he participated in the first wave before it faded.
The way the light grew and faded seemed to fit better with a star getting torn apart.
Three conjoined craters, the magnitude and fury of their impacts faded by time, but still readable in the landscape.
The memory of their exotic origins has faded, but the genomic impact is clear.
The story got some coverage, but apparently faded away over the years.
And apparently, even that validity has now faded away.
It is the value of a brilliant dance or dive when the memories have faded and the ripples died away.
Each of these early interests somehow faded and was overtaken by others that ended up having a more lasting impact on my life.
As the dolphin flap faded, a new media enthusiasm began to gather momentum.
Today such ideals, and the myths that sustained them, have faded.
Now, quietly and unexpectedly, the bombs have faded from our view.
At this point, he could simply have faded away and begun the process elsewhere.
The search for these last indeed, through faded or pencilled pages, is perhaps one of the sweetest of our more pensive pleasures.
For thirty years, roughly from age twenty to age fifty, he faded from public view.
The rest faded away into the night, many of them weeping, and not because of the tear gas.
Political opposition simply faded away and barely exists as a serious factor.
Older chimps may go bald, and leopards suffer faded spots, but not all creatures bear such badges of seniority.
The item at hand was a map, faded so much that to take it in entire one had to squint.
The afterglow of that triumph has faded now, but not his granite conviction that what he did was right.
But the killer was never identified, the trails all went cold, and the story faded.
The difference between a normal color and a faded color is, perceptually, called saturation.
The midget-faded rattlesnake, a subspecies of the western rattlesnake, is the only poisonous snake found in the monument.
Tertials small, narrow, and frayed and/or faded near their tips are remnants of immature plumage.
Tertials that are frayed and/or faded are remnants of immature plumage and are found only on immature ducks.
At the same time, hundreds of lightning strikes faded to dozens, then to only a few.
The faded arrow shows the direction the tornado was moving.

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