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But the college has a relatively enormous faculty of tutors one to about eight students.
As well as its own faculty, it draws academics and expertise from the rest of the university, offering students a good choice.
Print or digital subscriptions at the college rate are available to current college faculty, staff, administrators and students.
College students, faculty or staff, please visit our college rate page.
Academic journals often solicit book reviews from faculty.
Besides, it's my good fortune to find any humor in a faculty meeting.
In the long run, it seems they will lose their better faculty and thus have an impact on these service courses.
College faculty members who are bullied or abused by coworkers often feel they must either suffer through it or quit.
It has excellent links with business and good faculty.
The teaching programs of individual faculty members have never been reviewed by all faculty, nor should they be.
Librarians who buy these subscriptions for the use of faculty and students can shower you with statistics.
But faculty is difficult to attract and keep with monstrous salaries being offered by private companies.
Students can develop their own electives in consultation with faculty.
We often enjoy doing the same thing to rivals at faculty meetings.
For nearly an hour, it was a normal faculty meeting.
There will be no decrease in the number of physics faculty.
And on the faculty is one of the best model airplane pilots on the planet.
Many faculty members say it takes more time to develop and teach online courses than traditional ones.
The authors wrote that the distinctive feature of the human faculty of language, narrowly defined, is recursion.
The ruling faculty is a critical perception, a commentary upon experienced feeling and sensation.
We have the faculty of admiration, and several excellent beliefs.
We help students and faculty to formulate a problem into a project, find the right partners, and look for funding.
He stayed, joined the faculty, and eventually became dean of engineering.
Science and engineering faculty have long utilized digital models, simulations and visualizations.
The brain resides in skull and has memory and a faculty of thinking apart from controlling various components of mind in the body.
We can use articles such as this to educate students and faculty about these grave concerns.
Faculty may be unwilling to antagonize a tenured colleague on behalf of a student who won't be around either way.
Stories of faculty members who are jerks in meetings are common enough.
The faculty are given course release time to edit the journal and a small stipend.
One reason so many colleges have improved is the profusion of able faculty members.
But those star faculty members do attract students to the campuses you named.
We protested to the department but they upheld the prerogative of the faculty.
The trustees' motives were also impugned, if not in print then in a hundred faculty lounges.
The students and faculty are technologists and they have a lot of ideas for products and companies.
The faculty can undoubtedly be extended and applied to the smooth translation of languages.
Colleges looking to hire junior faculty members are enjoying something of a buyer's market these days.
But in the wake of the recession, this once tried-and-true method of recasting an academic career now eludes many faculty members.
As well as academic faculty, the school uses many senior executives as adjunct professors and teaching fellows.
Privately, some faculty members are sceptical that all this change will be worthwhile.
The school offers value for money, a readily accessible faculty and a good careers office.
It addresses graduates but will be heard by family, friends, faculty and the wider community.
He usually reserves his vitriol for faculty and administrators.
The faculty is selected based on the courses the students wish to take.
And beyond the material conditions required to attract faculty, an efficient system of allocating research funding is also needed.
Drug companies are particularly eager to win over faculty psychiatrists at prestigious academic medical centers.
One traditional argument against the existence of an innate language learning faculty is that human languages are so diverse.
Premium-price speakers will charge extra to attend faculty luncheons or receptions, and must have access to a helipad.

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