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Quick facts and care essentials on climbing roses.
But it must be sane, clear, and based on full knowledge of the facts and of their interrelations.
The principal facts, however, are too vivid upon my recollection to be soon forgotten.
He did not hesitate to alter his views when newly discovered facts demanded it.
It can make constant progress when it keeps abreast of all the facts.
Time dissipates to shining ether the solid angularity of facts.
From these facts he arrives at the conclusion that the gland is one source of the colored blood corpuscles.
As our collection of facts and figures grows, so will the opportunity to find answers to fundamental questions.
Being an intellectual had more to do with fashioning fresh ideas than with finding fresh facts.
We believe the facts our politics tell us to believe.
Belief often needs to contradict facts because it's easier to pretend the facts are different than to change your beliefs to fit.
Even when the facts are clear, the vocabulary may not be.
Without historical perspective and knowledge every crackpot can pick and choose facts that back their ludicrous theories.
None of these facts brook disagreement, but here the unity ends.
Children can remember facts but are less good at recalling the context in which those facts are relevant.
And, surprisingly, it is possible that these facts are connected.
He showers his argument with supporting facts and figures.
Anxious to put in something newsy, he started writing leaders-introducing opinion among the facts.
For any given set of facts, prosecutors have immense discretion in deciding what to charge people with.
Facts are facts, regardless of what those in charge say.
It will take a long time for all the facts to come out and the knowledgeable to reach a consensus.
As per many on here, you fall for the rhetoric rather than the facts.
The problem is that if this is true there's no way to subsidize your way out of it because the underlying facts have changed.
If you can't argue with facts, then you argue with emotion and name calling.
Try reporting the news and facts on such topics for once and not your opinions.
Please bear in mind though that they are already using facts to fight people using rhetorical tricks and often losing.
Main stream newspapers and journals have started appreciating the need for publishing facts about radiation.
Facts are facts, experimental results are what they are, theories succeed or fail based on the evidence.
The scientific method is spectacularly important to progress in that it is defining reliable facts about how this universe works.
The facts are to be conditionally accepted once they are proven facts.
All require the construction of narratives after the compilation of facts.
Facts are only facts until they are not, especially in medicine.
But the facts seem to support those who support the horses.
Finally, the government has a tendency to want to have all the facts before making an announcement or a decision.
The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive.
If you report facts in a fair-and-balanced manner, then readers can judge the story for themselves based on those facts.
It is, of course, not strange that people might look for possible confirming facts.
Indeed, by now lists of facts about the amazing reach of our language may have begun to sound awfully familiar.
But the mere statement of these facts carries proof of the partial weakness of the reasoning.
Having convinced himself of his version of the facts, all that remains is for him to win over the rest of the world.
National business leaders have no illusions about these basic facts of economic life.
It's as if our facts were losing their truth: claims that have been enshrined in textbooks are suddenly unprovable.
There are no easily verified facts when it comes to this particular experiment in genocide.
What he has offered so far is not facts but intentions.
The historical facts are well known and quite secure.
From the facts of nature, including the laws, you can derive logically that this brain must be conscious.
The causes and consequences of these dispiriting facts are complex, and the cost to society-moral and material-is high.
Yet some of his facts and policy recommendations are unpersuasive.
Strange but true facts on a variety of science and technology topics.
But this fanciful scenario breaks down under the weight of a couple of awkward facts.
If you want science then stick to science and let the facts speak for themselves.
Those are the overwhelming facts of worldwide language extinction.
They are impervious to reason, impervious to evidence, and impervious to facts.
But tests are usually for retention of useless facts.
Then you state that empiricism is the means to produce facts.
Anyone repeating those two claims marks themselves are ignorant of basic facts.
He notes that the term invasive plant is an intellectual construct, reflecting cultural prejudices as well as scientific facts.
The science is based on reality, and facts don't vote.
It is time that the scientific and medical facts about cannabis become common knowledge again.
The writer refuses to admit the following scientific facts.
Furthermore, he gets basic facts wrong about the content of the emails.
They cherry-pick facts that support their pre-conceived conclusion.
They're not basing their positions on the facts-they're completely uninterested in the facts.
She digs for the facts and follows the story to its logical conclusion.
If the facts indicated otherwise-and they did-answers remained elusive.
Unfortunately, he frequently uses half-truths and unverified facts to build this image.
In her view the definition of torture is essentially a legal matter, which will turn on a particular set of facts.
His tone was often custodial, and he could sound condescending, as if he alone were in possession of all the facts.
It is too bad this article fails to address the facts.
Don't talk about efficiency until you learn a few facts.
Anyone looking at this solution doesn't have the facts.
The process by which scientific ideas become scientific facts has always been murky and strange.
First, let's start with the briefest possible outline of the facts.
Battery electrics fed by wind power or nuclear are absolutely the only solution given these new facts.
People should learn some facts and not be so sure they're smarter than everyone else.
The facts in this global face-off could not be more harsh.
Try to get your facts straight before you get angry about something.
The above process can easily be marketed based on the facts with reason to believe that this will delay your aging.

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