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Heavy-manufacturing and factory-floor jobs have fallen, as expected.
But there are perils when managers can no longer prowl through their own factory.
No, the entire mirror factory isn't filled with smoke.
The factory superintendent nodded politely and led them into a large building with peeling gray stucco walls.
Wealthy factory owners and merchants built grand mansions and helped fund even grander churches.
His family has been working at the bone factory for generations, he says.
Take a virtual tour of a chocolate factory and nibble on the history and science of this beloved treat.
But the biggest boost comes from a good solar panel factory.
It isn't the vast factory floor of the past, but it is still built for speed.
If our local grocery wasn't stocked to the brim with factory farmed food.
Manufacturers and factory owners needn't worry about pesky human workers for too much longer.
Factory and construction workers are routinely laid off during slow periods and they collect unemployment benefits.
Some factory robots are now smart enough to be released from their safety cages to work among humans.
One supercharged province cranks out instant cities for factory workers.
The factory ship's speed and artless efficiency made whale hunting cost-effective.
Another advantage, he says, is that the client can walk through modules at the factory as soon as the first ones are finished.
Factory after factory, every one of them advertising light fittings, lines the road.
Visit the town's carpet factory to watch workers while they weave the carpets.
Factory farming has produced bigger sweeter fruits and vegetables that are less nutritious than ever before.
Well, they buy factory farmed beef, pay their workers a dismal salary and standardize everything.
On the other edge, that size advantage only works if the factory is making lots of batteries and selling them.
Factory's vitamin and cosmetic factory has educational displays and complimentary samples.
Factory employment has been slower to recover than output, since productivity has risen.
In some cases, thousands of people have been evacuated after an accident at a factory or during transport of liquefied chlorine.
The beauty of the technology is that it does not need to happen in a factory.
Factory farms on the other hand are intensive breeding grounds for diseases.
And, the can be produced quickly out of a port factory and moved by sea to their place of operation.
And a former cigarette factory is being rehabbed for similar uses.
Seven other bodies were recovered outside a textiles factory.
The stars may have been the factory but not the chemist.
After protesters broke into the facility and destroyed offices and overturned cars, the factory closed.
Often those animal lives are lived in horrible factory farms, only to die in slaughterhouses.
However, no single factory can handle such bulk, so five different suppliers must share the order.
Yet he is not a mere exaggerator, one of the popular demoniacs who work as if in the flare and roar of a boiler-factory.
In the factory, time is money, and yield is everything.
Simply put, factory farming churns out huge amounts of cheap but tasteless foods.
For any article of real importance, it's basically a sausage factory.
Factory farming means raising livestock in confinement at high stocking density.
Not again, factory farming in any way has only proved to be the wrong choice.
Only later did nations reach a verdict on whether it was acceptable to target a munitions factory next to a primary school.
The factory only had a dozen or so toilets and used no water in the machinery.
If you want to study the ecology of wild boars, don't study factory-farmed pigs.
The ambition is not to create a factory of scientists.
All these materials need to be transported to the factory and to the job sites.
The amount of sodium in foods depends more on what is added at the factory than on what one adds at the table.
Even the better restaurants typically use factory foods.
The encapsulated viruses is the simple egg, the adult virus factory inside an amoeba is as large and complex as bacterial cells.
The company plans to gradually ramp up production at its new factory, reaching full capacity in two to three years.
Factory robots now perform some of the jobs humans used to do.
These viruses then move from one cell to the next, transforming each new host into a factory that makes even more virus.
The consequences of eating meat, and our increasing reliance on factory farms, are almost as disturbing for human health.
He is now the head of a confederation of factory workers' unions.
The liver itself is the body's main chemical factory, performing hundreds of different functions.
The nebula is a star factory shrouded in dust and gas.
She was often hungry, unable to earn enough at her jobs, first in a chopstick factory and then selling fruit on the street.
Bopp, a manager at a construction materials factory, had never seen a comet.
Factory employment has fallen by roughly the same fraction.
As a southern factory town, the city's long had some innovators.
Three weeks earlier a monsoon destroyed several thousand unfired bricks that had been left drying on factory grounds.
Unless you work in a factory or some other labor-intensive job, where you do your work doesn't really matter.
If factory workers become more productive as a result of technological advances, fewer workers will be needed in each factory.
If it is a factory for anything, it is a human factory.
Many residents depended on mill and factory jobs to provide for themselves and their families.
Blackouts roll and factory lights flicker, the grid sucked dry by a decade of breakneck industrialization.
There is no heating in the factory, which makes components for electrical tools.
Before the economy opened up, a chic suit meant one with the label of a state-owned factory sewn ostentatiously on the sleeve.
In a factory it might mean that a component has to be thrown into the scrap bin.
Its growth is unusually driven by its exports, which have made it the world's factory.
The emerging world might have become the factory of the world and its back office.
But then her husband, the boss of an umbrella factory, is taken hostage by striking workers.
There were trams, orderly queues, makeshift picture houses and smoking factory chimneys.
With its pale linoleum floor and exposed heating ducts, the factory is no palace.
Their color changes because the tree's growth factory shuts down for the winter.
We'll also visit a family-run factory where soy sauce is made using an ancient method.
Boxes of peelers straight from the factory made up the bulk of his personal effects.
It was a tough entrepĂ´t and factory town, wrapped in a pall of soot, struggle and heartache.

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