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Frying sage leaves is easy and provides a real wow factor.
Instead, one transcription factor can flick on an array of functionally related genes.
The problem is that the measured difference is too small by a factor of a billion to explain the amount of matter in the universe.
To correct for this factor, the scientists calculated the probability of catastrophe for any planet that can support life.
The secrecy that surrounds offshore drilling rigs is another limiting factor.
At some point in the near future the genotypes won't be the limiting factor.
The arithmetic breaks down when considering a causal factor that is necessary but not sufficient for the development of a trait.
By the fifteenth decimal place, the limiting factor in atomic clocks seems to be that the cesium atoms are moving at all.
The integrity of neural wiring is a big factor in determining intelligence.
It may be small comfort to anyone sporting a comb-over, but researchers have found a second genetic risk factor for baldness.
Motivation to recover is a key factor in obtaining an optimal level of rehabilitation.
Furthermore, the work suggests that this growth factor may help with spinal-cord injuries as well.
The rate of tax and the way it changes for different levels of income is an important factor.
The temperature at which supercooled water freezes is an important factor in cloud formation.
Voltage and power factor are controlled by varying the field.
One key factor in the performance of a bow is size to draw length ratio.
The limiting factor is its by-products: both bacteria break down cellulose into glucose and other sugars such as xylose.
Walking increases your respiration by a factor of two to three.
But that doesn't mean trafficking is the only important factor in the human disease.
The decisive factor here is the disparity of race and the rhetoric of miscegenation.
Political opposition simply faded away and barely exists as a serious factor.
Volume loss, which takes thinning into account, had grown by a factor of seven.
And, of course, the apartment-building explosions were not the only factor causing it.
It is, for example, the explanation of wind-chill factor.
The difference, a factor of a thousand between the two estimates, was never reconciled and never openly discussed.
It is possible to overlook the precise factor which should not have been overlooked.

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