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There are other forms of freezing out, bullying, and creating factions.
The first is that he has severely disabled the system of factions which had long run the party.
Showing favoritism in your decision making will almost certainly create factions in the department.
Of course, you're in an area where there are many armed factions floating around.
The current line between vegetarians and meat-eaters will split into dozens of factions.
Our country is currently demoralized and riven by factions.
There is a cognitive disconnect between the factions here.
But that would happen only if party factions could compete openly before facing the electorate.
The nations of the world broke from the path of increasing integration and lined up in competing factions.
Elected governments bow to the demands of selfish factions and interest groups.
The old factions relish the idea of another taste of power.
None of its political factions and fledgling parties are dominant.
The different factions within the opposition coalition cannot agree on their demands.
So do the red shirts, though not all its factions think alike, to the frustration of negotiators.
Some factions are in favour, while others stress the need for a new start.
Villagers say they can distinguish different factions by their actions.
Governments there are concerned about their own publics' opinions, and the views of powerful factions within their countries.
Perhaps there were two different factions in a department and the sides had trouble agreeing on what kind of position to announce.
To him, environmental conservation can succeed only if vying factions communicate and collaborate.
Warring factions often form alliances, but they're tenuous and frequently change.
Most albums released by splinter factions or under the names of various headliners make engaging listening.
In the morning there will be a meeting of all factions to consider the question.
Factions of the industry have said he must be wrong because they don't agree with him.
They are both intelligent, of course, but they also share an ability to navigate among factions without offending anyone.
It can band into factions and wage war-complete with chemical weapons and suicide bombers-against its enemies.
There are a host of complicating factions which determine if that gene is expressed or not.
When democracies start fracturing into war-minded factions, they lose effectiveness and usually disintegrate into tyranny.
What it had that the competing factions lacked was discipline.
Success or failure in the struggle for power will be decided not by the ballot box but by backroom deals between factions.
The league was divided into two groups and factions.
The pursuit of diversity, if overzealous, leads to proliferating factions and subgroups.
It is, however, spent building up factions and petty resentments over past arguments.
Throughout human history, warring human factions would have experienced these kinds of multilevel selection pressures.
They have since yielded factions and offshoots and have extended their illicit activities beyond prison walls into communities.
The result would mean that two of the party's warring factions would be forced to reexamine their choices.
It has allowed minority factions of both parties to hold legislation and appointments hostage without any real effort.

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