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Example sentences for factional

Factional fighting between the government and its opponents remains a drag on economic revitalization.
But whatever may have been unrealistic or factional about these efforts, even more of what the project created was impressive.
Politics can be fiercely factional or cosily nepotistic.
The central government has little control and, outside the capital, factional fighting has worsened.
Nationally, his party is weakened by factional splits.
Nevertheless, anxious to avert a factional confrontation, he has appealed to people to vote.
His long experience as chief cabinet secretary suggests he may be accomplished at handling inter-factional politics.
The outcome is more likely to be determined by factional squabbling.
There are also signs of factional fighting among the rebels themselves.
The country's politicians of all parties must put their factional quarrels to one side and, for once, rally round.
Even at the village level there were factions: common purpose was bedeviled by factional divides.
It represents a degree of chaos in the regime rather than easily defined factional battles.
Now, it has to navigate through those factional dynamics.
Statue-toppling and impromptu street celebrations have given way to looting and factional violence.
Inter-clan and inter-factional fighting flares up with little or no warning.
Legislative district boundary lines drawn to obtain partisan or factional advantages.
Outside groups that become factional and dissatisfied can disband when things get rough.
In the following decades, his heirs neglected issues of national administration and engaged in factional power struggles.
However, much of the reporting simply made him cautious in choosing one factional leader over another.
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