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Give them the straight story on the power blocs in your department without trying to recruit them to your faction.
Someone tries to enlist you in a faction by e-mail: non-response.
There's usually a faction that distrusts the government and its motives.
Told in detail, their political history is but the unraveling of a tangle of faction fights and intrigues.
While her ordination was undoubtedly contentious, there was no credible threat of a major faction splitting away.
They succeed at times in allying themselves with a faction in the board, and a reign of terror follows their enthronement.
Imagine, people in one faction claiming to be smarter than people in a different faction.
One faction won't even allow the fire trucks out of the garage unless everyone agrees to cut water use.
The government-was-behind-9/11 faction appears to be gaining ground.
The first was an unrivalled network of political donors, on which he built a faction whose clout remains unmatched.
The heavy metal movement was split into sub-genres, and the visual motifs of each faction reflected its perspective.
After the failed attempts to bring faction leaders together, meetings have been held at local level.
But as the coming attacks from within his own faction-ridden party mount, he seems to lack vision and drive.
The small, bolshy faction the resigned ministers belong to lacks the power to swing any no-confidence vote.
Not a convincing debut for a faction meant to be tough on sleaze.
Four of the fighting faction were killed and one outsider was wounded.
The struggle between these faction is marked by pleasingly intricate chicanery.
The faction that won these debates promoted its own version of the history of the times and suppressed dissenting voices.
It was no longer possible for the governing faction to retain their hold on power without regular resort to violence.
Unsurprisingly, all four candidates are openly courting this faction-or factions.
Though he leads no political faction, his credentials make him a powerful moral voice in the standoff.

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